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    Well, I have been frequenting this site for a few months now. I bought the PB around the same time and have not had a noodle or piece of bread since. The concept of "Primal" living has changed my life. I am only 27 years old and am at odds with my triglycerides and blood pressure. Doctors have always told me that it was either a-causual or genetics before they handed me another prescription slip. So I decided to take the reigns and give a diet intervention a whirl, and it has paid off big! The first month I lost 22 lbs and my triglycerides went from the 480's to 225. I have been slow with getting back in an exercise routine because of two recent shoulder surgeries, but started up with some yoga and 5 x 5's this morning. So that's why I am here and well sold on all of this. If you got questions, put them down and slide 'em over. Cheers!

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    22lbs, that's great! Congrats! May the pay off speak for itself :3
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      Congrats! You are doing fantastic. I feel the same way about Primal Living. It has changed my life a great deal and I am looking forward to more changes to come.

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