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Ann arbor, michigan - any (females) from the area wanting a new primal friend?

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  • Ann arbor, michigan - any (females) from the area wanting a new primal friend?

    I just posted a quick reply on the intro forum but it did not end up where I sorry if this is a repeat....

    Here is what I am looking for. If anyone can help me figure out how to find these folks, I would appreciate it:

    1. I am an active female from the Ann Arbor, MI area.
    2. I have rediscovered the outdoors and physical activities I have not done for years.
    3. I am no slug. I am in good shape but have been caught up in traditional workout routines and poo-pooing things like: walking, hiking, etc.
    4. I recently took up hiking in the woods behind my house. I take my two strapping male offspring with me, but cannot count on them going with me, long term. I will not hike in the woods alone. Safety first.
    5. I love to roller skate and would like to take up roller blading (outdoors - weather permitting). I have noticed not many people roller blade anymore. I guess I am a bit behind the times
    6. I am looking for someone (or a group) who would like to occasionally get together for some outdoor/indoor activity. Right now, Sunday is the day I have the time to spend on things like this. I am extremely busy and over-scheduled like most of you

    So far, I have located two women on the forum and have attempted to make contact with them:

    SHANNON PA-S (or something like that)

    I don't know if my communication went through.

    Ok...I think that is it for now!

    Thanks in advance....

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    Hello - I am from Dundee.....about 15-20 miles south of you. I have been taking an awesome class in Dundee, but the trainer has a location in Saline, right downtown. It is called Saline Fitness, and it is a lot of functional workout, using your bodyweight. I have gotten so much stronger since taking this class. If you would like more info, let me know. I think it fits in really well with the primal fitness recommendations.


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      Okay, so my reply is 2 years late!

      Are you still in Ann Arbor/looking for a walking or hiking buddy? I started grad school here last year and recently jumped into Primal living, I'd love to meet some other folks in the area who are interested in the same thing.

      Shoot me a private message if you see this and you're still interested!