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  • fortunata

    Hi. This is my first time on here. I'm fifty. Fairly active until this summer. I've spent the last few months at the computer writing a dissertation for my MA and the weight seems to have crept on. I'm five foot six and quite athletic looking. My ideal weight is nine stone ten pounds. I feel fantastic at this weight. At the moment, I'm ten stone thirteen pounds. I've been trying to eat primally for the past couple of weeks. Had one lapse with a piece of bread. Eating meat, vegetables, nuts and some fruit... apples and strawberries mainly. I also take 75 mcgs of Thyroxine every day. In the last fortnight I've only lost about three pounds. Is this ok? How can I speed up weight loss?
    I am enjoying eating like this as I feel somewhere deep inside that its how we were meant to eat. I've bored my kids for years by telling them that food is the body's preventative medicine. I love the site. It's fun and informative.

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    Three pounds in a fortnight is about right.


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      weight loss

      Thanks for the reply, Lojasmo