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    Been lurking for ages, but the other posts from Aussies have convinced me that I should introduce myself. Been primal for about 4-5 months now. Was initially heading in the direction of insulin resistance and eating "healthy", but feeling worse and worse.

    Changed across to primal and feeling fantastic. Initial stats were something like 75kg and 180cm and just starting to notice the love handles. Also was having real problems with needing regular meals etc. Now at 69kg and looking/feeling a lot better. Next is getting the exercise going (been hanging out for warmer weather). Got the a pair of Vibrams to try out, so been looking forward to that.

    Probably eat primal well over 90% of the time. I do get a little flak from friends, but not as badly as when I trialled being vegetarian for a month. Not eating grains is apparently weird, but not eating steak is in-excusable. :-)

    Anyway, loving the lifestyle. And I have to put in a vote for the coconut smoothies. Awesome!


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    welcome mate .. bllody hell 180 kg and 69 kg ..... now thats something id ispire to ...


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      So would I if it was 180kg. lol. 180cm. Only mentioned it to give some idea of height for body composition.


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        oops my bad .. still 6ft and sub 70 kgs - yr doing alright