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I think most diets are crap.

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  • I think most diets are crap.

    But I must give credit when its due.
    I am 39 years old and married with 3 kids. Was 4 years in the army running 2+ miles everyday. Was for 8 years doing Martial arts 5 times a week for 2+ hours and for a year ran for half hour on the tread mill and lifted weights everyday.
    At all points I was tired.
    Like fall asleep at the wheel tired.
    So when I had kids and that time to work out went away I got fat and even more tired.
    I tried Atkins while running and only managed about 4 months of it. Was tired and hungry all the time.

    So I had a lot of "this guy is an idiot" feelings when I first started reading about Mark and Primal Blueprint.
    I read this site enough to see that he had some solid science on his side. So I bought the book for my kindle. Read it. Agreed that he made a strong logical argument. But theory is just that theory...

    So two weeks ago I started.

    14 days later I am 12.3 pounds lighter and have so much energy I can't fall asleep at night.
    I play on the beach with my kids. I walk around barefoot all the time.
    Couple days ago I hoisted my middle child on my shoulders and jogged a half a mile down the beach. I feel great.

    I felt the need to post here to give my support to Mark because today I felt so good I RAN up the stairs to the 3rd floor where I work and it felt so good I just kept running to the 6th and was sad when I got there because there were no more stairs to run.
    Two weeks before that I didnt know what the stair well looked like because I took the elevator.

    I can give no argument to measurable and quantifiable results.
    I think Mark might be onto something here. Looking forward to seeing where this will lead.

    Water Tribe

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    Me too! I am so grateful to Mark and love the way I feel now.

    I do agree that diets don't work. For me, Primal is not a diet, it is some thing you become.


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      Welcome to the primal life!
      Heather and the hounds - Make a Fast Friend, Adopt a Greyhound!


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        I owe my health to Mark. Thank you, Mark.