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  • Hello from The Valley!

    Hi there! I guess you could call me a real food refugee looking for like-minded people! I live in the San Fernando Valley, and would say that I am at least more than half primal, working on being more. I hope it's okay that I'm not 100%. I'm a "real food" advocate and a low carber, and have been for several years now. I was a patient of Dr. Atkins, who showed me that eliminating sugar and grains from my diet could absolutely turn my life around. And it did. :-)

    I've posted on a few other forums, and have participated on Jimmy Moore's low carb forums for a few years. Recently, in what I thought was a friendly discussion about multivitamins, I was lambasted for recommending Primal Nutrition's Damage Control Formula (which I love). So I figured it was time for me to find a friendlier place to discuss such things. So here I am!

    I look forward to getting to know everyone here.

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    Okayyyyy. Everyone else got welcomed in this folder. None for me, though. Is it because I live in the Valley? :-P


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      Don't let a valley inferiority complex take over - haha! Seriously, I think your post was likely just overlooked. Welcome! I used to live in the valley myself - well, technically it was more the foothills - Tujunga. There are quite a few of us with Atkin's experience. I read "Real Food" by Nina Planck and then was introduced to MDA (marksdailyapple) through There's plenty of room for your views here, though some topics can get a little heated...
      Where are you in the valley?


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        Hi Piscator! I'm in Sherman Oaks. It's only been two years, but we really like it here. People knock it, but I'm in no hurry to leave! I read Nina Planck's "Real Food for Mother and Baby". Maybe I should check out her original "Real Food" too. I've been reading MDA for years, and it seems that a number of my current doctor's patients do too and take Primal Nutrition supplements (he once said something to me like, "You're the fifth person today!").

        I'm enjoying the forum, but the sheer number of posts is overwhelming! I'm getting the hang of it, though.


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          Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers


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            Hi Del,
            It's nice to see you here.