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Any Santa Cruz, CA groks?

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  • Any Santa Cruz, CA groks?

    After having recently discovered MDA and PB, I've dropped my carbs, increased my fats, and canceled my gym membership. I now do ad-hoc workouts that include trips to Pogonip (local park) to pick up heavy rocks (Grok Rocks!) and climb trees. After watching some of the videos of groups of people doing their workouts looking like they are having so much fun, I'd like to do the same.

    I'm a guy of 41 years and I got into PB to get off the sugar roller-coaster and improve my health so I can run around like Mark when I'm 60! I'm recovering from a recent knee injury, so unfortunately no sprints for me right now.

    Anyone in the Santa Cruz area want to get together for some grok fun once in a while?

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    I wish I still lived in the area (I used to live in Boulder Creek). You have so many opportunities for grok fun! I'm a little jealous


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      Sorry, I'm in Los Angeles. But where you live is very beautiful!


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        I'm not Santa Cruz based, but I'm there on occasion. I'm over the hill and through the woods, to grandmother's house. ( Palo Altoish )
        My primal journal!


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          Thanks for all the replies - I'm sorry you all don't live here!

          @Roberta & @delmoki - it is a beautiful place. I'll be sad to leave it.

          @BoyPrimal - Well, if you're ever going to be in the neighborhood and feel like climbing a tree or throwing some rocks around, let me know!


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            I was born at Fort Ord and lived most of my life a little south of Monterey. I envy you living in Santa Cruz. I am now landlocked and miss the ocean so much!


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              I'm in Monterey! But I'm a newbie, I'm going on week 2.


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                I posted in the other thread about Monterey. If someone organizes something, I'll do my best to attend.