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  • Hello...again!

    So, about a year ago I'd introduced myself to the MDA community:!

    Then I got all knocked up with twins and spent every spare second napping. No time for forums!
    I gained about 50 pounds during my pregnancy, and now have two gorgeous, healthy little darlings. I'd lost every bit of my pregnancy weight by six weeks post-partum. Now there's just the matter of the 50 extra pounds I was carrying around before I got pregnant...

    I've got some weight to lose, as I want to be able to keep up with my little monsters once they become mobile! I'm pretty good at primal eating (except for a huge problem with weekend cheating). I have a husband who is super-supportive of me getting out of the house everyday (preferably to exercise), good basic knowledge of primal exercise, and poor self-discipline when it comes to actually DOING exercise.

    My immediate goals are pretty obvious: get over my weekend cheating and get in some regular workouts.

    I welcome all words of advice and encouragement, and will attempt to offer the same.

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    For discipline, a rick that had worked form years ago was simply a big calendar, on wich you could use color to remember wich day you have to train; e.g. yellow for rest/play blue for lifting heavy thing and red for sprint.
    Having your schedule just behind your eyes is good means to start training, you could also write your result week after week and see your progress, which is a good solution to stay motivated!


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      That's awesome that you're looking after yourself while parenting two babies.

      How much exercise have you been doing since the birth? If none/not much, then I'd suggest just starting with brisk walks (with or without babies) and then add the other stuff once you've got in the habit of setting aside time to work out. When I was getting back into exercise at the beginning of this year, I used to tell myself just to drive to the parking lot where the workout class was held. That was easy to contemplate, even on my least motivated days. Then once I was sitting in the parking lot, I always figured I might as well just go in and workout. (Then, once it became fun, I didn't have to manipulate myself that way!!

      Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
      Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food