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Going primal..ready or not

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  • Going primal..ready or not

    I stumbled upon Mark's website last week and have been fascinated by the PB lifestyle ever since! Who thought you could ever be able to eat good meats and fat and lose weight. WOW.

    My hubby and I started the primal life today. We're not real big on grains anyway, so hopefully it won't be too big a deal cutting them out entirely. We decided not to cut out our dairy, just track it and modify if necesary.

    I made him a spinach and cheese omlet this morn, I had a strawberry/blueberry smoothie with greek style yogurt.

    Made chicken salad with red peppers & celery for our lunches, along with a piece of laughing cow cheese and an apple.

    I took down quite a lot of receipes from the site and am making nut & herb fried chicken tonight. Can't wait!

    Went shopping over the weekend and loaded up with fruits, veggies, meat and eggs and it was about $25 less than we usually spend. Big plus.

    Hoping to have a good week going primal. Good luck to everyone else...

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    Good for you! Welcome to MDA!
    Starting Weight/BMI: 184/29.7
    Current Weight/BMI: 130 /21.0
    Ultimate Goal: 125/18


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      Woo hoo! Congrats on joining the community and a more sustainable, enjoyable life. You will truly not regret this decision! Like you and your husband, my husband and I didn't consume much in the way of grains before this diet either. As a result, we didn't have nearly as difficult of a transition as some people did. I hope it will be the same for you. Congrats!