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This 3 Time P90Xer is Going Primal!

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  • This 3 Time P90Xer is Going Primal!

    Hello Mark and Everyone!

    I was lucky enough to meet Tony Horton when he came to Atlanta Summer '09. After hearing my story, he wrote on my little card "It's all about the food!". This little tid bit has changed my life. The more I learn about nutrition, the more I WANT to learn.

    Since then, I've been doing P90X for over a year, have lost 55 lbs, and am working toward my six pack. The "Exercise" portion of my fitness quest is about as sharp as it can be, and I'm trying to advance in the nutrition area. Your presence in the P90X videos caught my interest.

    Shortly after finding your entire site here, I just bought "The Primal Blue Print" along with the cookbook, and downloaded the free "Primal Fitness" guide over the past few days here, and can't WAIT to get through all of them!

    I look forward to posting many questions and hopefully, answering others in ways that will help them. My ultimate goal is to accumulate as much knowledge as possible as to HOW certain foods, ingredients, and chemicals AFFECT the body in the ways that they do at the Biochemical and Molecular level. I'm all about the WHY?

    Good luck to everyone! Nice to meet you all!


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      Welcome, never tried P90x but thinking of giving it a whirl.[SIGPIC]


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        Welcome. I think the two should make a great combination. I will warn you however that you may want to back off of the P90X type workout for about a month when you first go primal/paleo. As my body was getting used to fat as its primary fuel, my workouts got crushed for about 3 weeks. If I was too tied into performace based workouts (i.e. lifting as much weight, doing as many reps as I had in the past), I would have dropped out and gone for the carbs. I didn't and now I'm back to where I was and even passing it. But it can be a hard transition.


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          Welcome to the boards man; that is some awesome progress you got coming in, hopeful the PB will help ya take it to the next level.
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            Welcome! I incorporate p90x in to my weekly workouts...I love the yoga, core and kenpo...and pretty much anything Tony Horton LOL
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