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  • Georgian going primal

    Hey guys, I was reading the AJC at work and came across this story of a guy who lost 55 lbs. I read the article and in it he mentioned The Primal Blueprint. Now I am not a big reader by any means, but when I picked up this book, I was instantly hooked.

    My family has never really been a "healthy" family when it comes to cooking. We just tended to eat whatever sounded good at the time. I have had a little digestive problems in the past year or so, nothing serious. I have always been pretty healthy, rarely getting sick, but lately more so. The thing that drove me to desire to better myself was realizing my "freshman 15" from college wasn't just freshman year. Every year I was gaining more and more weight. I am sitting at around 255lbs and absolutely hate it. I never have the energy to do the things I could freely do in high school.

    I usually shop for whatever is cheapest so getting some of the groceries for a primal diet is throwing me back a little. I was wondering if there were some people around Atlanta (I am usually in Norcross, Smyrna, or Kennesaw) that have found some nice places to go to get meat, veggies, fruity, etc. My first shopping trip took me to H Mart and Trader Joes.



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    The dekalb farmers market on e ponce in Decatur is by far the best I have found - preparing for life's worst while living for the best


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      Thanks! I 'll have to look into that.


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        Welcome to MDA, Daniel!
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          I am in Duluth and buy meat from Country Gardens and Riverview, fantastic applewood smoked bacon and other cured/dried meats from Pine Street Market, and we love Trader Joes for Kerry Gold butter and almond meal. For veggies we do a mix, of growing our own, the farmers market, and regular grocery store or asian market when the budget calls for it. Definitely check out the Dekalb farmers market. If you want local eggs and milk, Carlton Farms has several weekly delivery locations.
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            Thanks for all the information. One other thing I was wondering about is quick primal meals that store well. Mondays-Wednesdays I am at work at 730 am and dont get home from school til around 10:30pm. Any suggestions on meals that I can make at night and carry through the day? Are there by chance any things from a fast food place that would fit into the P.B. scope of foods? Thanks