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How's it going? From Cape Town SA

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  • How's it going? From Cape Town SA

    Hi all PBer's,

    I've been subscribing and studying this blog for the last 9 months now. I've been well impressed by the overall openness and positvity and decided to take the plunge.

    I'm a 33 y/o father of 2 (4 and 2 y/o), 6 foot 2. I love taekwondo, swimming and phtography...My weight has ballooned from 100kg's to 115kg's (220 to 253 pounds) when I burst my scaphoid in my right wrist 2 years ago. I fell through a roof of my clinic but THAT is a whole other blog...

    PB resonates with me because I've found certain practises (in various guises) have helped me in certain ways before, for eg:

    1) before the scaphoid break, I did 50 pressups, 50 squats and plank every morning/evening...i never needed to go to gym.

    2) I tried running but the only way I could get anywhere was to to do sprint-walks. Jogging at a constant pace was always way too boring for me (I have ADD so need almost constant stimulation!).

    3) the one diet which I was successful on was called SureSlim and it follows the PB precepts quite closely

    4)My religion (I'm muslim) recommends a twice weekly (voluntary) fast, and the times I have done this, I've felt that my attitudes, cravings and compulsive snack addictions definitely decreased...

    So I have reached a critical point in my life and I feel as if the person I am, is hidden and struggling...struggling to come out.

    Starting weight 253 pounds
    Goal weight 200 pounds

    Can I count on your support?

    ps. I'm not sure why I chose Samurai-Jack as a pseudonym and my wife now thinks I have a certain kink she doesn't know about Will keep it in the meanwhile...