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The Campfire: - good idea or not...?

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  • The Campfire: - good idea or not...?

    Obviously I'm just a noob here, so far be it from me to wade in with something so bold as a SUGGESTION, but many forums I've been a member of (but kicked out from - all bar one) have had an OT section for posts that weren't about the forum's main topic(s)

    Now, maybe Grok didn't indulge in small talk, but we're not Grok we're Pseudo Groks, for lack of a better term, and we do.

    So, how's about it? The Campfire, somewhere to discuss things we might want to discuss which aren't PB. Of course the rules would be obvious: - no racial, religious, gender or sexual orientation related abuse, would be obvious, but no politics I think would be prudent, too.

    Maybe this is a silly idea, maybe it's been tried and it was trolled to death, I don't know, but I wanted to post something and I didn't know where to put it, so the thought came to me.

    But, like I said, it's a silly idea, so forget I said anything... Unless you don't think it's a silly idea, then speak up!

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    Non PB topics have come up time and again. Usually you get about 3-6 pages of well thought out debate, then it devolves into name- calling, spitting, flaming, and "are so"/"am not" arguments. Stuff like that generally gets stuck in the "odds and ends" category. I'd advise another forum for it, but it's your choice.
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      Yeah, if you look at the labels for each of the forum major topics, they say the Odds and Ends is for stuff you couldn't find to fit in elsewhere. There's all kinds of stuff there, and it's my favorite sub-forum.


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        Keep making suggestions Sarah. A campfire is a logical suggestion, but maybe we are too Groky to make it work. Naw. OT always seems to get nasty in foums. Anyhow, welcome.
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