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GrokFeast in central Maine

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  • GrokFeast in central Maine

    Hi! I would love to meet other PB'ers in central Maine who want to go for the cow!!! I have a great property to host the event, just looking for 7 (or more!) other people! I live in Winthrop. Lets do it!!!!!!

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    Hey, I live not too far from you, I'M in as long as its a day im off


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      Thought I should add I have at least one primal friend that may be interested and maybe even his wife. They are both primal.


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        Anyone interested this year? Would love to do this just for the sake of meeting some Primal people in the area.

        Seems like there's plenty of Mainers here on the forums, wish we had a meet-up group!
        I'm in Waterville, though moving to Gardiner as soon as we find a good apartment.
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          I work weekends unfortunately or I'd be tempted, being from Winthrop, Mass it seems appropriate. Was in Me yesterday and Tues at the ocean, the water's been incredible this year.
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