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  • Primal in Western New York

    Hello all,

    New to the forum but not Primal eating. Trying to find some other primal lifestyle people in the land of Pizza and Chicken Wings. I have only met a few primal/zoners at Crossfit.

    ps: Sorry if there is already a group surrounding this topic.
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    I'm in Central NY now (Ithaca) but grew up in Rochester. Unfortunately, I haven't converted any of my friends or family back home (yet), so I don't know any in Western NY.
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      I'm in Central/Western NY also. I'm near Corning and Elmira.


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        I'm in Ra-cha-cha!!

        And chicken wings *can* be made primal at home. Mmmmm...
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          Rochester too, but a Buffalo native, with plenty of family still there... I seem to recall someone else posting from Buffalo a month or so back (maybe it's been longer -- haven't had time to browse the Forum much lately!).


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            Another from Corning here. Grew up near Rochester and my wife is from Amherst/Buffalo so we are in that area visiting relatives all the time.


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              We're in Batavia. Just reached the 30 day mark and enjoying the health and weight loss benefits.