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    so I've been reading this site now for a few days after having been sent here by a friend who's been primal for a couple months already. i was just curious if there was anyone out there could give me a few tips on how to started in this lifestyle. (exercise, diet, etc.)
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    I would read the Primal Blueprint book and the MDA blogs. That should answer your questions and get you off on the right track with PB.


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      I concur about reading the book.

      After I did, I eased myself in gradually, over about a week, not going primal all at once. Even though there were one or two days where I really missed sugar, it wasn't that hard and the funny thing is, I enjoy food more than ever, now that I'm used to it. I don't care if I fall off the wagon very occasionally, but when I do, the old food never lives up to my memories.

      I also enjoy the new exercise routines, which I think complement the diet.


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        Everything you ever needed to know:

        And I mean EVERYTHING

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          wow thanks for all the help everyone. cant wait to get started on this