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    Hey guys,

    I'm so excited to finally be a member of this forum. I've been primal the past few months and am planning on staying primal through my first year in college, although it'll be tricky with the all-you-can-eat dining hall and numerous restaraunts....

    Something I've heard a lot about college freshmen is that they gain 15 pounds in their first year! My goal is to lose 10 pounds of fat. If I get down from 160 to 150, I think that I'll finally have a full set of 6-pack abs...

    If anyone wants to support me, can you give me some advice on what to keep in my dorm to snack on....and how much I should limit alcohol?

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    welcome to the primal community, and congratulations on going to college. i'm guessing the dining hall will create a challenge for you...there's usually tons of food, most of it non-primal (stock up on oil, vit. d, acidophilus) but if you stay up with mark's updates and the forums, we'll help keep you in line. as for what to keep in your room...nuts, nut butters, some fruits and veggies, and maybe some jerky are good options to have around. the usual college diet is packed with non-perishable foods which are generally not part of the PB. so while your roommate is shoveling easy mac and doritos into his mouth, you may want to keep some pistachios tucked away so you have something healthy to munch on during halo tournaments (personally, i think mario kart is better for dorm room fun).
    alcohol...well, that's a tough one. you're in college, and you should go out and have a good time. red wine is probably the best for people on the PB, but you can play around a bit. just watch out for those mixers, because they are packed with sugar. if you're going to party, just party. just don't do it too often and don't be stupid about it. you don't get in trouble for drinking, you get in trouble for getting caught.


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      As a fellow college student making an effort to live a mostly paleo lifestyle (I'm probably about 80/20), the best tips I can offer you are:
      Regarding alcohol, there are a few paleo-friendly drinks that you can enjoy... my personal favorite is kind of like a whiskey sour:
      1 oz whiskey
      2 oz club soda (just carbonated water, essentially)
      1 wedge of lemon
      1 wedge of lime
      Also, I don't think that light beers are too bad... the main problem where people get into trouble (dietary wise) with alcohol is it makes them hungry so they munch on unhealthy snacks like nachos, etc. If you can find a way to avoid that, it shouldn't be much of an issue.
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        Sip Tequila, You will look tough as nails and mature for your age.


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          Originally posted by Paleo in the Patch View Post
          Sip Tequila, You will look tough as nails and mature for your age.
          You don't sip tequila. You take shots as quick as possible, spend the night doing stupid things, throw up everywhere, wake up the next day wanting to shoot yourself to put yourself out of your misery, throw up some more and vow never to drink tequila again. And then you do it again anyway.
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            I'm in college too, and transitioning to a more primal lifestyle.

            Trust me, you don't have to drink if you don't want to. I don't, at first because I was trying to lose weight, then because of medication, and now because, really, I just don't like the taste of it. But I still have plenty of fun, and tons of people I know are really grateful when I keep them from doing anything too retarded when they're drunk. Become a hero by rescuing a tipsy chicka from some dumbass frat boy!

            I love nuts, eggs (and liquid eggwhites too for convenience), fruit (apples and frozen berries last a long time), and veggies (cauliflower, broccoli, and sweet potatoes are AWESOME and keep for awhile). If you don't care about organic beef, you can find very cheap meat at Mexican or Asian supermarkets. Just stick with lean cuts, to minimize toxins that collect in the fat. And take your fish oil!

            Also...some people might get pissy at me for saying this, but think more about health and happiness than being 100% Primal. Every now and then, it's way more worth it to chill out with friends at Waffle Club than to stick to just almond flour. I missed out on a lot of fun times my freshman year because I was too busy counting calories and avoiding refined foods. I still avoid the refined foods, but it's so much more freeing to be able to occasionally partake, to better enjoy a social experience.


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              Fellow college primal here, almost out though. First things first, and this one is going to be key, get friendly with the staff in the cafeterias; it has helped me out a lot, I get hooked up with the biggest hunks of meat they have on hand at the time and extra bacon, little things like that really help. As for the fridge, eggs are great one, you can whip them up real quick in a microwave, some microwaveable "steamed" vegetables (You are going to notice a huge lack of worthwhile vegetables at the cafeterias) I like to keep some cottage cheese and frozen berries around for when I get a sweet tooth or am bulking up.
              I'd watch out for the nut butters, they led to a good bit of stress binging for me last year so I cut them back out again, if you can handle them though I say go for it.
              What kinda room setup do you have culinary wise? Freezer? Microwave? Microwaveable cups? etc.
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                Haha, I avoided food issues by living off campus. I definitely did not gain the freshman 15 (and lost it, like you plan to). My partner, however, lived in the dorms for the majority of her college period and would stock-pile her mini fridge with prepared meat (I don't know if you have the means, but she was able to go home every so often, and prepare large batches of chicken curry and what not, to have around when caf. food was less than ideal). Also, she took advantage of the communal kitchen in her dorm for eggs and the like (don't know if that's a possibility).

                As for drinking, hard to say. I definitely indulged more than I should have and didn't suffer horribly from it

                (side note: there's a "Back to School" challenge over in the PB Success Stories that you might be interested in)