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Kitsap County, WA...anyone?

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  • Kitsap County, WA...anyone?

    I know there is quite the group of PBers in the PNW, but how many of us are in Kitsap County? I just moved back here a few months ago and am excited that I've already met one other person who's primal. Just wondering who else is?

    Also, I'm considering trying to organize something this side of the water for this fall, but would love help...if there's let me know if it's something you're interested in...

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    Snohomish County here! Just a short ferry ride away I missed the last get together and would love to meet some of you folks in person.


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      I live in Kitsap County ~ and need to get my head back in PB completely. I've been lazy and feeling the consequences severely. Ugh. This fall would be a great time to do a get-together.
      Let's keep in touch!


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        I'm in Pierce County, just a hop, skip and a jump away!


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          I'm just down the way in Mason County - a meet-up on the west side of the sound would be a great idea!


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            My family is right here in the Silverdale/Poulsbo area! I have two other Kitsap PB friends who I know rarely post here, but between all three of our families there are 16 of us (6 adults, 10 kids + 1 on the way). A meet-up would be great and I'd LOVE to help put one together!



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              Heather...I don't know if the primal person I met here is among the ones you know (she just found out she's due with #4!), but I think we have the beginnings of a wonderful thing!

              I'd love to meet and greet in person with all of you!

              Have any of you ever been to Scenic Beach?


              I haven't called to see about renting it yet, but there's a covered area with BBQs, a playground (it's small, but the kids can enjoy and it's got great monkey bars for the adults to show off on...I won't be doing that yet, maybe next year I'll be in that kind of shape!), and a rocky beach. There's a lot of lawn and it's a campground for anyone that wants to make a weekend of it!

              Thoughts? Other suggestions?

              September, October?


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                I'm betting you met Kristina since she told me she just met another PBer the other day! How funny!

                Scenic Beach is beautiful and is a great place to spend a day outside playing.

                I'd be inclined to try to schedule it in September since you never know when the rainy season is going to officially (or is it unofficially?!) return and we might have a better chance of sun in September.

                What day of the week/time of the day are you thinking? Fridays and Saturdays generally work best for us, as long as we can schedule it to allow for naps for the younger members of our clan(s). Maybe a 3-6pm thing, or a 10-1 thing? That way the little ones can nap before or after...

                Also, I think VFFs should be mandatory...just kidding!!

                Thoughts, anyone?


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         was Kristina! How fun!

                  I just called Scenic Beach...if we want to rent out the shelter for less than 50 people, it's $60. But there are BBQs at all the picnic tables too. So, I'm thinking we don't even need to worry about renting, just gather en mass at a group of tables and take over!

                  I like the idea of a Saturday afternoon, 3pm-whenever (I think the park closes at dusk). That way anyone who wants to come from farther away can make it out. I'm thinking September 18th, but need to check with my husband before commiting to that.

                  I'm excited!


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                    Well, I checked with the husband, and the 18th is taken. So, how about the 25th? Heather, if you're good with that I'm willing to make a real post about it and see how many PBers we can gather!


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                      Dang ~ if it does end up being the 25th, I won't be able to make it due to a wedding in Auburn. I'll keep checking to see if the date gets moved around. (BTW - that's the only day I have anything planned in Sept and is the 3rd thing for that weekend! ~possibly~)


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                        Well, then, let's try for something else. I like the idea of a Saturday, but they're filling up quickly, aren't they? How do you feel about October 2nd?