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So discouraged-need some advice!

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  • So discouraged-need some advice!

    I have been Primal for 5 weeks now and 9.5 pounds lighter. My husband and I went to Seattle this last weekend for a long weekend. I was Primal the entire time. We walked at least 6 miles per day up and down the Seattle hills and stairs. I was so proud of myself for staying primal and all the walking I did. When we returned home I weighed myself and had gain FOUR pounds. WHY? I am so religious about my eating habits and my movement. I am so discouraged. Could I be starving myself, but not eating enough? Does someome have any ideas....HELP! Bummed in Central Oregon.

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    Don't be discouraged. Good job on the walking! But be careful using the scale as a guide to your progress. Your body measurements will be a much better indicator. So many factors go into your weight: time of day, fluid retention, clothes you're wearing, etc...

    If you must use a scale, be sure to weigh yourself once a week, on the same day, same scale, same time of day, and under the same conditions.

    For instance.. I weigh on Monday morning, first thing after going to the bathroom, completely naked, and on the same scale every time.

    But I think the best thing is to just discard the scale altogether.. get a nice measuring tape.


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      I can fluctuate 4 pounds in ONE day. Forget about it! You ate well and were active: to hell with the scale! (I'm gonna put that on a bumper sticker, I think....)
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        I agree with what the others said. The only reason I use the scales every day is that it shows hydration. I have mild congestive heart failure and sometimes retain too much water. But I get upset when my weight is up. Totally irrational. Oh well.
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          I quit putting so much stock in the scale (I know---it's hard). I gained 4 pounds after losing a lot. I measure myself and see that it's got to be muscle, as I keep losing inches. Probably the same for you
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            Originally posted by ericfoster3 View Post
            If you must use a scale, be sure to weigh yourself once a week, on the same day, same scale, same time of day, and under the same conditions.
            Those were going to be my exact same recommendations! I always weigh only once a week at the same time on the same day of the week before shower after going to the bathroom right after waking up.


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              I find that when I travel, I retain water. I'm not sure why, but it always happens.

              Also, are you having your period? That puts on 3-5 pounds for me every month.


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                Yeah... the scale is the devil. But if you can't wean yourself completely off of it and count on measurements, than the above recommendations (once a week... same time of day, etc) should count.

                I can go up and down 5 or 6 pounds during the course of a day, and always have done that (even when i was in my teens). Stepping ont he scale constantly was the worst thing I could have done for my self-esteem. I'd feel the same and my clothes would fit the same, but that scale said 4 pounds more and so I'd feel like crap all day. Just say no!
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                  Originally posted by melodious View Post
                  I find that when I travel, I retain water. I'm not sure why, but it always happens.


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                    It may be a female thing! I gain 3-4 pounds every month in the week prior to my period.


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                      Throw away your scale. Dead serious.


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                        Can you give us a sample of what you eat? Advice about getting rid of the scale is good, but perhaps we can point in directions where your diet can be tweaked or modified to favor weight loss. Are you feeling healthy otherwise?

                        Some things to consider are fruit consumption, sleep, stress and getting enough fat.

                        How's your omega-3/omega-6 ratio? If you have no idea, just tell us what you eat and we'll be able to tell.
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