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Gone Primal in North Alabama, wondering if anyone else is out there wandering

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  • Gone Primal in North Alabama, wondering if anyone else is out there wandering

    I kicked off my let's lose some weight and get back in shape earlier this year by going to a MovNat course in Mexico for a week, great experience! Luckily the group was filled with information and I played sponge, Erwan is a fountain of information and in addition John Durant, founding memeber of NYC Paleo Eating and Barefoot running was also there. Then bought the PB and many other recommended readings and have been getting fitter everyday, as well as converting some local friends to the movement. I've bought about 12 PB books and distributed to friends and family, some are taking it to heart others not so much, maybe they will give them back so I can spread the word to others.

    I always knew I just wanted to get back outdoors and do everything I did as a child and young adult, now we are back at it. I enjoy hiking, trail running, shooting, hunting, swimming, rafting, and just need more of it. Folks really look at me strange at shooting competitions wearing my VFF.

    Wondering if there are more folks in the area that may be interested in doing events together such as John has going in NYC? Paleo meet ups, minimal footing trail runs, group meet ups at the river or lake?

    Well see what happens, I have about 15# more to go on my quest for what I think will turn out to be my proper weight, we'll see what it feels and performs like when I get closer.

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    Well small tribe starting, 4 of us attacked a mountain

    We did a 5 mile mountain trail all in VFF yesterday, got plenty of looks, first time for one of the guys, gotta get to totally barefoot at some point but it will take us a while, Grok On!