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Is this similar to Atkins?

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  • Is this similar to Atkins?

    Hi friends,
    Can someone tell me the difference between Primal living and the Atkins diet? Thanks! I am having the hardest time being successful for just one day....such weak willpower, ugh!

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    Keep trying and keep reading Primal 101 or the Primal Blueprint. Primal should not be that hard if you are doing it right.

    Good luck. Others will explain the difference better than I could.
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      Primal is much, much older!
      activate the rhythm, the rhythm that has always been within


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        If it's the "no sugar, no grains," that's hard for you, you may be more successful doing it the way I did - although it took me three years to figure it out! Adding lots of fat & protein FIRST made my blood sugar roller coaster & carb cravings taper down enough that I was able, after a few months, to let go of the grains & sugars with little fanfare. I was not successful until I did that.
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