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    Fifteen years ago, my weight and cholesterol were going up. The drugs and diet weren't working. Statins made me hurt. I thought I was still in the clear when I had a Heart Scan. I had an Agaston score of 0. As I know now, plaques can be soft and not contain calcium.

    Six months ago just after my 50th birthday, I was laying on the cath lab table waiting to find out if I was getting a stent or going to open heart bypass surgery. Fortunantly, I got the stent.

    Prior to the heart attack, our family had dabbled with some diet plans like South Beach and the like. My wife has been tested and she is allergic to grains. I had read some of Cordain and tried the primal approach, but fell off when it was just easier to fix the junk that used to be out diet. My 15 year son was heavier than I was.

    Now we are a Primal Family. My 15 year old loves the diet. I'm the cook and we eat out only on rare occasions. I have lost 40 lbs and my lipids are normal for the first time in a long time. My son has lost 50 lbs and had perfect bloodwork at his last physical. My wife has lost 30 lbs.

    Where other plans have failed is that they always let back in the foods that made us fat. With Primal, it is a lifestyle and we are staying with it.

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    That's awesome! congratulations on the success and, more importantly, the enjoyment of your new lives! I'm working on transitioning all of us (3 kids and husband) to a primal life...there's some resistance, but I'm marching forward. It's great to hear about other families doing so well!


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      So awesome! I'm a single dad with a 4 year old and my daughter loves primal foods at my house. Unfortunately her mom is a vegetarian and she spends the other half of the week with her and ends up eating a lot of junk that I'd rather not feed her. At least by setting my example I hope she follows and makes the right choice when she is older.