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  • Hello from Indiana

    Hi, I'm Lindsay. I've been primal-curious for a couple of months now after seeing other people mention it on FB and blogs. I finally decided to go for it a couple days ago. The funny thing is that I've not been a fan of eating meat or vegetables (although I've always tried to make myself), but I've had an addition-like attachment to sugar and binge eating for several years. The problem with trying to stop abusing food as opposed to drugs or alcohol is that one can't really stop eating cold turkey. However, PB offers a way to detox myself from my problem foods and encourage me to eat the ones that are good for me. (Although I'm not a big meat person, a spoonful of bacon makes the veggies go down so speak.)

    I am 2.5 days in with no grain, starchy veggies, or dairy, except for a tablespoon or two of heavy cream on my breakfast berries to help solidify my resolve for the day. I'm definitely going through a bit of withdrawal with strong sudden hunger pangs and a little dizziness. For those I'm pouring on the fat (even tried drinking a few sips of unsweetened coconut milk when I feel yucky). However, I also have other symptoms of not sleeping well the last two nights and being extra short-tempered even when I don't really feel hungry. I'm also super-thirsty and need to get up and go to the bathroom and night more (perhaps just because I'm not sleeping well). I've always drunk at least 16 oz of water with every meal and 3-4 16 oz cups of plain tea (white, green, oolong, or black depending on mood) a day, so excess thirst or dehydration shouldn't be a problem.

    Does anyone have any strange carb withdrawal symptoms to share?

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    Hey! What part of IN are you in? I live right outside of Indianapolis.

    If I binge on sugar/refined carbs, I just get really moody the next day.


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      I lived near Fort Wayne for a few years.

      Sorry... no symptoms to share. Welcome to the Tribe though!


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        I live in Bloomington. Slept a bit better last night and not quite so cranky.


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          I live in the Bloomington area too.