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Can't wait for the 30day Callenge in Sept. Some questions though.

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  • Can't wait for the 30day Callenge in Sept. Some questions though.

    Hello all, my name is matthew. I just finished reading the Primal Blueprint and it really struck a cord with me, I had planned to do my own 30 day challenge and the the Sept Challenge came up which was great. So I'm starting to prepare looking at some of my own recipes and trying to convert them to Grok approved meals.

    A couple questions I came up with are is Miricle Whip ok? If not is there a recipe somewhere for good MW? Also the only Greek yogurt I can find is a no fat high carb yogurt I would assume this is not ok. We are big rice eaters, can someone offer up some alternatives/replacements?

    Thanks for the help, I'm sure there will be many more questions to follow.

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    We had a high fat greek yogurt at our local Fresh Market store, but they dropped it and added more low/non-fat greek yogurt. They do not taste the same in my book, and you are right that the high carb version is not really going to be very friendly in regards to the primal diet.

    As for rice, and I have not yet tried this (only my second day on the site), many recipes on here recommend shredding cauliflower to make a rice like substance. Sounds ood, but I have to try it before I can judge it. Here is a link that mentions making cauliflower rice.

    Good luck. I too am going to try the September challenge.


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      I know it will throw off my omega 6 balance and lead to an early grave, but I eat Miracle Whip sometimes. There is no equivalent.


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        Hey there,
        I'm pretty darned excited about the primal challenge, too. I'd been planning my own starting August 15th (right after my birthday), and am doing that, and will also do the September one. Pretty much, I'm challenging myself to 6 solid weeks primal.
        Regarding Miracle Whip: define "okay". I would say not, for me. On the other hand, transitioning might be easier with this. Just be wary. It has almost as much carb content as fat, so don't go overboard. There are numerous recipes for homemade mayo out there, if you want to take a look for them. I've made some myself. It's pretty much just fat, vinegar and eggs. I usually buy mine, as it's so much easier.
        Regarding rice, there are two schools of thought. There are Primal approximations of foods (a la the cauliflower), and there are those who think that you're just trying to prop up an old, unhealthy lifestyle with new foods which resemeble the old ones. I was never much of a rice person, but I loved bread. I don't make fake bread for myself, because I'll just compare it to the real thing and pine for it. And there's so much other really tasty stuff out there, that I don't need fake bread. Does that make sense?
        Regarding Greek yogurt. D'oh! Your store doesn't have any full-fat stuff? That's so sad! My sympathies go out to you. Here, even the normal grocery has full-fat Greek yogurt. Try an ethnic store.



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          Oh BTW, I flaked out on the August challenge someone set up here, because it's August and hot, and beer, and all that.

          But come September 1, I am going on an insane, pedal to the metal, 100% strict, in your face with a hammer, can-you-believe-how-hardcore-that-dude-is 30 day challenge that would make average men cry.

          Well, something along those lines, anyway. I'm going to only drink black coffee for the 30 days, too. IN YOUR FACE, SUGAR

          This challenge is the only redeeming quality I can find for the calendar closing my summer out.
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            I tried the shredded cauliflower "rice" as part of this recipe and it was not rice-like at all. The problem was that it was the base for a casserole of already watery ingredients, and instead of soaking up the juices like rice, the cauliflower gave off more water itself. Made for really soupy casserole.


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              Good to know. That was a recipe I was going to try making this weekend. Have to remember this note. I noticed someone commented on that recipe that they did not use all the liquid that the tomatoes had with I had already noted that to hopefully lower the liquid a little.


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                @Bane - I think your avatar is hilarious btw. And I am hoping to go very all out in September as well. I am not good at working my way into something. I either do it, or I don't. If I ease into a change, I usually do not make it.


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                  Thanks for the replies guys, @melodious I do get what your saying. The only issue I have is I live in a small town in South Dakota and it's difficult to find a lot of the "really tasty stuff" around here so I was trying to replace some of my current staples, but I totally agree with your statement about comparing my new lifestyle with my old.

                  @tennisplayrnlr Thanks for the recipe I'll have to give it a try. I think for me Miracle Whip and beer are going to be the two biggest things to give up, and I hate Mayo. Oh well, nothing good in life is easy, is it. Good luck to everyone in Sept. I'm sure I'll see you around the board.
                  Thanks again,