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  • Going Primal in Michigan...

    I had already been trying to eat as healthy as I knew how. No soda, no fast food, very little processed food at all. I joined a local CSA for my fruits, veggies this May & got on the waiting list to start a Grass-fed "clean" meat CSA. (Will get my first batch in Nov.) I have ran half-marathons, done triathlons and I've had to near starve myself to lose weight. Even with all that I'm about 60lbs overweight (heaviest I've ever been, except while PG) I have been up and down since having my twins 7 years ago. I currently weigh ~5lb less than I did right before I gave birth...unacceptable. I'm tired and cranky...

    So the next logical thing for me is to cut out the grains/beans and see what happens. I have a friend that is having much success with feeling great and leaning out on PB, so I decided to give it a try. He was eating fast food and just BAD in general before, so I'm wondering if my success will be less than his? I'll go at LEAST a month before making any judgments. WISH me LUCK (and SUCCESS)

    I'm on day 3:

    - Day 1
    I had grains with dinner (a thin bun with my burger and corn) - carbs were just under 100 for the day.
    - Day 2
    No grains, but I did have some Greek yogurt (2% fat...most I find is 0%) I didn't track that day, I was BUSY at work, but carbs MUST have been low. Romped around in the woods with my DH, kids and dog for ~30 mins before dinner.
    - Day 3
    I haven't eaten yet. Omelet with veggies for breakfast in a bit. (Can I add diced ham? or is ham too processed?) Maybe some swimming with the kids if it stops raining.

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    Hi Erin!

    I am from the Ann Arbor MI area and am trying to make some new primal friends who are interested in getting together for hiking, roller skating, etc. I started a thread but don't know how many people from my area will read it. Hoping you read this and let me know if you are interested

    I see that you are busy - me too - but I also see that you have younger kids which might mean you do activities with them that I could join in on? I do not swim, but am open to most activities.

    I am a highly motivated person who has embraced health and wellness for most of my life, but especially in the last 7 years.

    Let me know if you are interested in this at all. Again, I do not know exactly where you live - Southern MI - sounds like you are close to the OH border?