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    Hey guys!

    Been lurking here now for several months, and finally decided to type something out.

    My breaking point was last December... 5'9", 200 lbs, 32 years old and not feeling very good trying to come out of the Thanksgiving fog. I had a couple minor health problems...and along with my infant starting to demand more and more of me physically, I decided that the way I was going wasn't "fine" anymore.

    So at that point, I started to look for answers...and I was looking for the lifestyle change, not the temporary solution that would literally be lost the second I stopped eating frozen meals from a box. I wanted answers that made sense. Thanks to reading some posts from Karen de Coster, I was pointed to Free The Animal and Mark's Daily Apple...and it made sense!

    I was already doing some of the blueprint...I had already cut out soda and processed sugars. I frequently fasted for 15+ hours "just forgetting to eat because I wasn't hungry", so it was very easy for me to embrace a lot of these changes.

    In addition, I started modifying my workouts from cardio-fests to high intensity, short workouts...sprinting, throwing around decent sized rocks, pushups, pullups, etc... Also switched from traditional running shoes to a hybrid Vibram/barefoot running approach.

    Results? I'm down from 200 to 175(-ish right now, thanks to a wedding-vacation-high school reunion- wedding week...whew!), gained two belt notches, 20 yards to my golf drives, a million compliments, and cut my coffee consumption by 75%.

    I've still got some issues that I'm dealing with: Namely beer. I can't resist sweet delicious beer...particularly micro-brews. I've tried to "mitigate the carb damage" by drinking Miller Lite (yeah I know), but I still can't say no. I'm working on it, but it is a very difficult thing for me to overcome...especially when it's 90 degrees outside.

    Future goals? Drop another 10-15 lbs. Continue ramping up my strength training. Jogging "barefoot" for 3 miles in under 25 mins. Oh, and finally convincing my vegetarian wife to go Paleo.

    Thanks Mark, Karen, Richard and the cast of 100's of others here at've all changed my life.

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    mmmm, AA Tree Fort brew .... sorry, I know that isn't helping. How about some other micros that are lower gravity? Tart cider? Brew your own!


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      Originally posted by matt3liv View Post
      mmmm, AA Tree Fort brew .... sorry, I know that isn't helping. How about some other micros that are lower gravity? Tart cider? Brew your own!
      Yes, Tree Fort is delicious. My personal fave is Sacred Cow IPA...and I drive by Corner Brewery every day on the way home!

      I think my answer really is red wine. But a reom temperature beveridge in the middle of summer isn't so fun. I'm thinking that transition will have to occur in the fall.