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Cleaned out the pantry/fridge/freezer last night!

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  • Cleaned out the pantry/fridge/freezer last night!

    Today is day one.

    I'm excited and ready to make this change. It's been one of those things that I've been talking about doing for almost a year now. I've been reading the blog, reading the book, (and even reading some of the other Paleo books/blogs and things too) so I feel pretty well informed.. it's just putting those things into action and living them.

    I feel like I get like this though any time I start something new: excited, prepared, and ready and then I discover that it's kind of.. well umm.. less exciting doing it than it is planning it. For instance, I've got my week planned - what days I'm going to lift heavy things, a swim scheduled, and a hike later in the week. I cleaned out the house. I'm stocked up on grass-fed beef and veggies and fruit from the farmers market. I'm all set.. and now it's kind of like, now what?

    Some of my feeling this way is because I'm a planner. And some of it is because I've been planning out 6-meals a day for several months now trying to get the macronutrients just right and doing cardio 5-6 times a week + hot yoga classes + some weights pretty sporadically... so I feel like I should be doing more.

    I know I just need to chill.

    Anybody else feel that way when they first started?