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Super curious about unleashing my inner cave girl!

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  • Super curious about unleashing my inner cave girl!

    Hey guys!

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I'm a 20-year old journalism student studying in LA, but I'm originally from Texas.

    A pithy sum-up: I was overweight all my life and lost 70 pounds my freshman year of college, through improved diet and exercise. It wasn't perfect--I wasn't the brightest tool in the shed about it, and lost a lot of muscle and developed a bit of an eating disorder.

    Thankfully, I'm in a much better place. I've come to love fitness for fitness' sake. I'm into weightlifting, and slowly building up some nice muscle. I also love the science and research behind nutrition and health; I'm a bit of a geek, actually.

    I'm still looking for a general way of eating that makes me feel my best. Now that I'm a lot thinner, I can tell how foods affect me much more. I've pecked at a lot of things, but I'm always looking for something that will completely click, in terms of energy, performance, and general well being. I've dabbled in a lot of things--vegan (total energy fail during workouts), macrobiotic (too boring), but nothing seems to completely just "fit."

    My masseuse recommending the Primal Blueprint because it helps her PCOS, particularly the crazy sugar cravings it gives her. I don't know yet if I'm particularly carb sensitive, but I definitely know that refined sugar makes me batty and a lot of gluten gives me a headache.

    So, I'm super curious about getting my Grok on! I'm about to head back to school, which is a great time for restocking my pantry. I'm going about it with an open mind and I'm not going to impose any strict rules on myself, but I'm really curious to see how getting away from the grains (while not doing crazy Atkins stuff) makes me feel.

    Well, that was my much-too-long introduction. Hey y'all!

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    Welcome Phoenixflame! I hope that the paleo/primal lifestyle helps you "rise from the ashes" of C(onventional)W(isdom)! I sincerely have not felt as great in my life as since I started eating/exercising/living paleo. I hope this clicks for you!

    If a man has the right to self-ownership, to the control of his life, then in the real world he must also have the right to sustain his life by grappling with and transforming resources; he must be able to own the ground and the resources on which he stands and which he must use. In short, to sustain his human right. - Murray Rothbard