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Just learning about PB, and have a few questions

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  • Just learning about PB, and have a few questions

    Hello all,

    I have just started reading about PB and have enjoyed the articles and posts on MDA as well. I was wondering how much more information is contained in the actual PB book as opposed to the 92 page PDF file they send you for free. I was leaning towards buying the book, but I didn't want to just re-read what a I already did from the PDF file. I am going to purchase the cookbook, but I did want some input about the original book.

    That being said, this seems like an exciting way to live. I am a longtime athlete, played sports forever, specifically baseball for 20 years. I have trained with weights off and on for even longer than that, but I've hit a wall. It's hard to lose weight, and the heavy lifting is killing my joints, especially my elbows and knees. I'm not excited about training or eating, not to mention that the tendonitis in my elbows makes it difficult to do the exercises I want to do.

    I know that PB eating & living will take some getting used to. I did ketogenic diets back in the mid 90's right before they became the latest craze, so I really don't mind giving up grains and pasts etc. I know that PB eating does not normally dip down to ketosis levels, but I am familiar with it. I think my biggest sticking point to overcome will be eating (way) more fat than society deems "acceptable." I like my eggs, so that will be a welcome sight to see the yolk mixed in with the whites in the morning! But, I know it will feel a little weird to cook with bacon fat or beef tallow! (I didn't say it wouldn't be tasty, though!)

    I like the recipes that I've seen on here, it seems like such a great community- everyone tries to be helpful. I look foward to talking to all of you, thanks for reading!

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    Hi Blackjack,

    I think having a copy of Primal Blueprint is a must,it is a great read and lays the foundations of the primal lifestyle.It is also great to have a copy handy for quick reference of the basics.

    The PDF file is for fitness the PB is what it implies,a blueprint (towards a much better,healthier existence).

    Good Luck.


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      Thanks for the reply, Megaladon. I decided it was definitely worth buying the book to have a hadrcover reference handy. I also bought the PB Cookbook, and both books should be here in a couple of days. Thanks!


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        You're welcome and good luck once again.


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          I wanted to second what megalodon said - it's definitely a must-read. I was wondering the same thing as you a few weeks ago - is it really necessary to buy the book when there is SO much information already available on the website?

          I bought it and have read it and have to say that having all of the information in one place is helpful. It's nice to be able to open up the chapter on weight loss, for instance, and read a variety of topics all at once about that and not have to sort or search through blog posts to read about a topic.

          Glad that you decided to get it!

          I'm still wavering on the cookbook though I bet I'll decide I need to order it!


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            The book is fantastic, a very good reference, can be loaned out to those who aren't online all the time, and buying it supports Mark and the site. Buy the cookbook too!
            If you are new to the PB - please ignore ALL of this stuff, until you've read the book, or at least and this (personal fave):


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              I followed the advice and lost my last stubborn 10 pounds effortlessly... so i bought the book to support Mark after 1 month of just reading the site.


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                both books on the way

                I'm looking forward to getting both books in the mail soon! Thanks for the encouragement!


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                  You'll get used to eating the fat. It's my favourite part of steak now, I actually steal the fat from my wife's plate!
                  (I'm actually salivating thinking about it)
                  The Primal Journey of Mr and Mrs Fist


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                    Yeah, it was a little odd being able (and wanting) to eat the skin on chicken thighs tonight!