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    I have a friend who followed the Paleo diet to lose 30+ before he turned 40 about a year or so ago. I thought he was nuts. We were already gluten free and nut free at the time and had been what I call ingredient free previously (nuts, gluten, eggs, all fruits except apples, pears, berries and melons, peanuts, beans, eggs, dairy, you get the drift), and I didn't want to limit my diet any further. So I called him crazy and went on my merry way.

    Fast forward this last year in which I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, got pregnant again, and here I am. 5 kids, an overweight, stressed out husband who really does mean well, and 23 weeks pregnant. I've been loosely following the Weston A. Price ideas on beans and grains for soaking, and I have been getting pretty tired of it. I'm concerned about my health through this pregnancy and for my husband, who has diabetes on both sides of his family and ever increasing blood pressure and cholesterol.

    So I had a friend who mentioned the Primal Blueprint. I ordered the book and the cookbook and here I am.

    Are there many people who do this with larger families? I'm finding that we go through an exorbitant amount of eggs now. We already used 4 dozen a week, and now it's close to double that. The good ones aren't necessarily easy to find, but I keep looking. We already eat grassfed beef and I try to buy local pastured poultry as often as possible. It's hard when there is a budget involved. I've also been using the menu mailer from for quite a while. Most of the recipes there seem to adapt relatively well to PB.

    So far, I've been ok with my regular budget, going to the farmer's market, etc. I'm trying to buy more veg and fruits to keep the girls full. My 12 yo has already made the pumpkin muffins in the PB cookbook twice. She's quite fond of them. I find that I am hungrier throughout the day when I don't have some bread, but my guess is that the hunger will cease. I need to make some healthy ice cream, too.

    I'd love to talk with others who have bigger families and/or are trying to do this on a budget. I don't know how easy this will be as we move forward, but I'm going to try, as well as try not to compromise on the quality of food that we eat.

    Thanks for letting me introduce myself.

    momma to five girls (15, 12, 9, 6 22 months and due 12/10)

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    welcome suseyb! i have two little girls and they love to eat too. load 'em up on fat (coconut, lard, butter etc.). it does the trick and keeping them satisfied;-) only a family of 4 but we are also on a budget and buy our meat weekly from a local amish farmer (we also get raw milk) so much cheaper than store bought + it's grass fed. our produce comes from our garden or the store. we stick to the cheapest yet most nourishing fruits and veg like greens, frzn berries, frzn. veg. i am super strict at buying 100% organic, but if you're not you'll save even more. weston a price is wonderful, i follow it completely except for legumes and grains. use leftovers in the mornings (breakfast doesn't have to be eggs, even though we go through 6 dzn a week)
    eat local, look for sales, grow your own.
    did you say you were pregnant again? wow you're a busy lady LOL!
    Red meat is not bad for you. Now blue-green meat, that's bad for you! ~Tommy Smothers