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Going primal in Tucson, AZ

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  • Going primal in Tucson, AZ

    So, I just finished reading the book and most of the blog archives, and I have to say this stuff makes a lot of sense. I've always been relatively tuned into modern health issues and spend a ton of time online reading about what the current "cutting edge" belief is (fish and probiotics are good, corn is bad, HIIT is good, marathons are bad, etc). I'm pleased to find such a cohesive framework as PB that sums up most of the conclusions I've already come to on my own, with some new ones as well that I can't disagree with (grains are bad).

    I've been ~85% primal (minus socially obligated grain intake) for a few weeks now, and am already feeling more even energy levels and much less hunger. I certainly don't need to lose any weight (6'1, 165 lbs), but maybe one of these days my six pack will come out to play. Looking forward to digging deeper into PB in the forums.