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Hello. My first month of Primal

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  • Hello. My first month of Primal

    Hi folks. I'm new to the forum and have been doing the primal thing since July 5th for health reasons.

    I am VERY happy to be here!

    I'm an overweight (is that a good euphemism for morbidly obese?) 57-year old male, with borderline diabetes and high-ish triglycerides, placing me solidly in a dangerous place. A month ago I weighed 426 lbs. I'm a big muscular guy with big bones (6 ft, LBM=185) so it's not as bad as it sounds but it is still really bad, having around 200 pounds to lose.

    In December '09 I got laid off from my IT job. Coincidentally I had some blood work done that same month. In June '10 I had another lipid profile and glucose test done. My fasting glucose had jumped from 117 (already bad) to 131 and triglycerides from 103 to 216. During this time I gained about 20 pounds and have pretty much been "bad" as far as diet (fast food, snacks, wine every day). HDL and LDL have been fairly steady around 48 and 173. I'm mentioning these blood numbers because I think that prediabetics and diabetics need special considerations even when doing the paleo approach, and I will be asking you all some questions along those lines. I'm especially worried about the triglycerides and glucose. I take a blood pressure med, water pills, baby aspirin, time release niacin (Endurance Products), and fish oil (Nordic Nat's).

    Anyway, I knew I had to do SOMETHING. Going through some books a month ago I found old copies of Neanderthin and The Paleolithic Prescription and read Neanderthin again. I have some issues with the other book, but regardless, I was hooked on the idea of stopping all grains, dairy and legumes. I am familiar with the Zone Diet which is probably the closest to PB as far as diets go, so it was easy to come up with foods that work for me. I found a source of grass-fed beef locally and have access to an organic farm too. I like cooking a lot (that's ambiguous but I guess I mean it both ways :-).

    In the first 18 days I lost 25 pounds, then bounced around that level for almost 2 weeks and in the last few days broke below 400 pounds. I think much of this was water weight from reducing blood glucose, which reduces insulin, which reduces sodium retention, which reduces water retention. Now I think I'm at more of a 2-3 pounds per week rate. This morning my fasting glucose was 117, an improvement over June and back to last December's level. Maybe I can avoid full blown diabetes?

    About two weeks into this I discovered the Primal Blueprint books, bought them, and have been browsing (lurking?) this site and others via links found here. WOW, what a great community! I had no idea the paleolithic approach had attracted so many dynamic and intelligent people; I have been really impressed with what I've been reading in blogs. There is no shortage of scientific knowledge, humor, empathy, and fun. GROK ON!

    Mark's Daily Apple is my favorite Paleo place and my new home on the web. I REALLY like the Primal Blueprint; it's an enjoyable read and I congratulate Mark on this very helpful creation.

    One last thing for now. One goal I have in mind is to regain the ability to break into a run. I have no big problems walking but the last time I ran (an emergency situation) it pretty much felt painful and scary. I was an athlete in highschool, a big fast running back, and I miss the feeling of being fleet of foot. I could pretty much crush anyone in my way, but usually tricked them with a nifty move.

    I'm glad I found this place and you. Thanks for being there.