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    Well, I have to say that I didn't know my lifelong hatred of shoes was Primal

    Hi there Brief intro: I'm a 29 year old female with "double diabetes" -- type 1, diagnosed late in life at 26, and the insulin resistance of a type 2. So I have a great understanding of the whole "insulin is everything" idea. I've been reading on the site since March and been trying to get my act together since May, but everything keeps going wrong. I've tried quitting everything cold turkey, and I've tried eliminating things one by one.

    I know I have to do this, to live and eat this way.

    When I eat wheat, I get stomach distress (akin to celiac, although my gastro doc says I'm not). I get horrible dehydration and joint inflammation -- when I was eating wheat regularly, I started taking supplements for rheumatoid arthritis -- I went off wheat AND the meds and I could move my hands again. I feel sluggish and tired and my heart pounds like a jackhammer in my chest. I have a general overall autoimmune reaction to wheat.

    Today was my last day of wheat -- I haven't had it in weeks, but today was my husband's birthday, so I totally cheated on a huge pepperoni pizza. Soooo delicious, but I can literally FEEL it working its way through my system. No more.

    Wheat also causes my blood sugars to become ridiculous. It causes instant insulin resistance, and my sugar won't come down no matter how much insulin I pump into my system. As I've learned over the past few weeks, I can do without wheat very easily.

    Corn and rice are tougher to eliminate, although I'm trying. Sugar is the hardest. As I work on getting rid of things, one by one, ice cream is the toughest. It's the sheer amount of sugar that's the problem -- I'm going to start looking into Primalish alternatives.

    Anyway, when I do manage to stick to the PB program, I feel absolutely FANTASTIC and I start dropping weight like mad, which is great because I have 75 pounds to lose (the loss of which will help with the insulin resistance!)

    Sooo..... I'm going to make a progress journal, and probably lurk a lot. And reread the book. I already lent it to my father, and both he and my mom are now on the program as well. And he's buying his own copy so I have mine back!
    29 years old, type 1 diabetic with insulin resistance -- HORRIBLE a1c, and borderline cholesterol problems. Carb addict.

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    i hope you find as much enjoyment out of eating this way as I have. I don't even feel the horrid things you do, i get mild acne on my skin and some bloating from wheat, but thats enough to make me discard it completely! hahahahaha...

    welcome and good luck... this is easy... don't sweat it!