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    I'm a long time lurker and finally have decided to join in the discussions so I thought I'd take a minute to introduce myself to everyone. I've been active on a low carb board but increasingly found it to not be the best fit for me for many reasons. I am now trying to align myself with some new outlets for discussion and support which is why I finally decided to register here as a member.

    I've been low carb for about 15 years and lost 150+ pounds. I have kept it off for about 5 years now. I still have about 20 lbs I think I could lose but a formerly morbidly obese body sometimes has different ideas of what its ideal weight is and it seems mine thinks my current weight is quite ideal. I beg to differ. I've spent the past year or so playing around with different ideas and plans, always controlled carb, but haven't been able to make the scale budge nor has my body composition changed. I am now focusing on primal/paleo principles and can do it with ease except for the dairy thing. I am working on that one, lol.

    Truly my achilles heel is exercise. I feel certain that body composition would change significantly if I could commit to more than just yoga and walking a few times a week. Ya think?? I struggle with this piece of the puzzle. A work in progress indeed.

    I am very much a "foodie" and a very good cook. I am currently making plans to start a blog that will be primal/paleo for those of us who are more into cooking. I'm excited about it. I have a kabillion recipes saves up from over the years and look forward to organizing them into something that may be a resource for others.

    I should also mention that I am a calorie counter. It is my belief that a body that can become morbidly obese is not the best at self-regulation and that is simply my reality. When I eat to satisfaction I gain weight even eating primal/paleo with very low carb intake. I have done this long enough and have kept enough records to know this to be so. It is what it is. I am glad to see that while not a popular idea or practice here there are some others on this forum who actively count and even restrict (to a reasonable extent, not crash dieting.) I will try not to talk about it too much though, lol.

    I look forward to being a part of this community.
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    Might I suggest checking out Craig Ballantyne for help on the exercise issue? Great source of information on the 'Net. His program, Turbulence Training, would be a nice way for you to get acclimated to exercise on a regular basis. Starts with bodyweight stuff to build basic strength, and then there are a variety of avenues down which you can go.
    Are you a college student, trying to navigate college while being Primal? Do you know any other PB college students on a tight budget? Heck, for that matter, are YOU trying to live Primal on a budget? Enroll at Primal University!

    For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either.
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      Thanks! I will check it out.