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I feel like any title will have already been used =]

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  • I feel like any title will have already been used =]

    Hey guys, the name's Mike. I'm only 18 years young, but couldn't be more glad that I stumbled on this treasure trove as early in my life as I did. I've been a competitive long distance runner for about 8 years (chronic cardio up the you-know-what) and a carb junkie (between growing up in an Italian household and foolishly carbo-loading for races, pasta made up about 75% of my diet) as well, and I've always suffered from terrible allergies and constant minor illnesses.

    But I'm looking to change that. I've been slowly primal-izing my life: I just went out and bought a pair of Vibrams (coolest things I own, hands down, in my opinion), I've been gradually trimming back on the carbs and upping my fat intake, I'm substituting primal workouts (running really fast and lifting heavy stuff) in place of hour-long tempo runs, and sometime next week I'm picking up an actual copy of the PB.

    I'm having a little trouble eating right at home, as my parents are currently not hearing anything that disagrees with CW, even though neither one is in exceptional shape. I'm heading off to college soon though, where I'll (hopefully) be able to avoid the temptations of dollar pizza slices and pick the meals that Grok would. Fun fact- I'm going for biochemistry, so I'll probably be learning firsthand about what Mark preaches.

    Fun Fact #2: I'm allergic to peanuts and nearly all tree nuts, which is kind of a bummer.

    Fun Fact #3: I'm working on converting my girlfriend, who's read the Omnivore's Dilemma and is for the most part gluten-free, but is an ardent vegetarian (for "health" reasons, not any moral aversion to eating animals). I've been dropping little hints here and there, and she shares my new love for Vibrams, but I feel like I'm making little headway.

    Fun Fact #4: The two of us are planning on starting a blog when the school year rolls around. It won't be a primal living blog, but I'll undoubtedly recount some of my adventures in Groktitude.

    Sorry for the wall of text. Thanks for having me =]

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    Hey! Welcome and good luck. Sounds like you have a great attitude and I envy your scientific mind.

    Re eating at home, try something like "mum I'm trying to build more quality muscle so I need to eat more beef." - that protein builds muscle is conventional wisdom, no? Ask for extra helpings of the veggies/mains and just try to leave a bit of the pasta behind. Though you've probably already thought of that. I think most of us have learned that there is NO point in trying to persuade others. They won't listen. So you just have to do your best as much as you can, you're already streets ahead.

    Lucky your gal likes vibrams - I hear a few guys on here complaining that their gfs don't like them, lol!
    If we’re not supposed to eat animals, how come they’re made out of meat? Tom Snyder