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    i'm a ~30 guy from South of France,

    i'm interested to the Primal/Paleo diet (and more) cause it fits my anti-civ/anti-agriculture/pro permaculture background. I'm not overweighted (70kg / 160lbs) but i'm exhausted since maybe 10 years. It's not necesseraly related to my diet (organic south-french/mediterranean), i'm a very poor sleeper (sleeping maybee 10 hours/night and beeing tired).

    I've beginning a sort of loose primal conversion since one week. Loose means that i eat some grains maybe one out of two days.

    So i've read the PB book, and reading around here, and i've a couple of questions. I think answers are in this site but i don't manage to get them :

    * How much carbs and glycemic load are related to each other ?
    i think there related, but are there some low-carb hight-GL foods ? or hight-carb low-GL foods ? Why vegetables have a low GL ? because of their low carb content related to their weight/nutritional density ?

    * as i understand, carbs (glucose, fructose, starch) are break down into glucose. And too much glucose in the blood is bad, and it trigger an insuline response to store blood glucose to glycogene in the muscle and fat in the cells (inducing obesity in the long term). All the point of the PB diet is not to trigger this insulin response by cutting carbs (or high GL food) and replacing it by another sort of energy : fat (lipids).

    * as i understand (bis), the body prefers to use fat to supply energy to the body (especially the brain ?) and glucose (from glycogene) is used for muscle in high intensity exercise (aka lift heavy things).
    Is there a benefit to the body to consume fats we eat (or fat eaten that are stored as fat) instead of fat stored by cells (previously glucose) ?

    * i would like to know how to "cheat well". For example if i know i'm invited in 4 days somewhere where i have to (or like to) eat some pasta (for example). What sould i eat the day(s) before, with, and day(s) after the pasta ? as i understand, i should avoid fats before and during the pasta, cause these fats will be directly stored as fat. Is there some fitness to reduce bad effects of the pasta plate ? Some hight intensity exercices before and after to reset glycogene storages ?

    * what do you think about long fasts (>3days) ?
    i know intermittent fasting is ok, but what about long fasts ? The idea is to trigger an autolyse mechanism : the body destroyes cells to produce energy, but as grok body is well done, it is the junk cells that are destroyed first (cancerigen cells, fats, etc). I think the glucose needed (by what part/process?) is provided by ketones (from what?).

    Voilą, enough for now

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    Hi niccolas,

    Maybe that was a little too much to address in simple posts? I'm a fan of fasting. If you're up for 72 hours, give it a go. It won't kill you and the benefits you describe are probably real. Much shorter intermittent fasts from 18-24 hours are sustainable long term and seem to provide a list of benefits one 3 day fast doesn't include. I do intend to push 72 hours a couple times in August.

    Carbs are high glycemic foods. Period. You answered your own question there.

    There may be specific macro-nutrient adjustments that are helpful if you know neolithic food is going to be unavoidable, but I don't bother with little technicalities. I think the benefits are minor. Just don't over do it, there's generally something primal being offered when pasta is part of the meal. Eat more of that and less of the slimy soaked processed grains.