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  • Reduce weight???

    i am very slim before delivery but after delivery i became very fat and iam having tume daughter is 9 month still feeeding her,so how to reduce my weight and how to reduce frukle and dots in my face

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    Hi there. I'd say you are in the right place! I would recommend spending time on this site, reading the articles. There is a lot of good information on here. If you can, I would buy a copy of the book "The Primal Blueprint" and follow it as well as you can.

    In general, losing fat (especially for a mom who is breast-feeding) will come down to what you eat. Eat meat, vegetables, and fruits. Drink lots of water, and avoid things like juice, soda, candy, chocolate, and fast food. Also try to limit the amount of bread and pasta you eat. As long as you're getting enough meat, vegetables, and fruits, and drinking plenty of water, you should be good to go. You can really get into a lot of details if you want, but that is the basics of it. A lot of people on this site will tell you that eating this way not only helped them to lose weight, but also helped them clear up a lot of other health issues they had.

    If you have time in your day, some exercise helps, too! Walking is very easy to do with a baby. Just make sure the baby gets some sun, but not too much. The sun will help you both get some vitamin D, which is very important for both of you.

    Sleep may be tough, depending on if your baby sleeps through the night, but try and make sure you get plenty of sleep - 8 hours of sleep a night is not too much, if you can get it. Sleep will also help with your weight loss, as well as other health issues.

    I watched my ex-wife breast feed all 3 of our children, and each time she was able to get back to her "before baby" figure. It can be done, and there are a lot of moms on this site who I'm sure would have a lot more personal insight to share with you.

    Good luck, and congratulations on your new baby.

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