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I'm new and I have one big question

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  • I'm new and I have one big question


    I'm just getting started on the diet (still reading the book). Actually started the diet a week ago after reading Good Calories/Bad Calories and then found this. Yay!

    Anyway, I'm 40 year old lady, former carbohydrate addict, (favorite food: pasta, ate a 'little something sweet' every single day, sometimes several times a day). I'm carrying extra pounds (195 at 5'4') and my biggest motivation is seeking out maximum health (even above the weight loss!). I have a 1000 reasons why I am doing this but I won't get into that here, let's just say my body is starting to feel more like 60 than 40.

    So my question is this - my biggest complaint is that currently I'm suffering from a fairly awful case of plantar fasciitis and am having to wear foot orthos and very supportive shoes all the time. I long for being able to be barefoot or in vibrams but my question to you forum members is -

    Should I start now (barefoot, vibrams, etc.) and deal with the pain and let the diet and lifestyle do it's magic and expect the plantar fasciitis go away gradually OR should I keep wearing my ultra supportive shoes with the ortho inserts until I lose some of these pounds and after I feel the effects of the rest of the program, then venture into barefoot land?

    Also, this is just curiosity, and sorry if the book answers this, does anyone know how long until my body "recovers" from all the carbs I've been high dosing on all my life? Does the system do an about face or does it take time for things (hormones, etc) level out?

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    Oh, my! This is exactly how I found MDA -- I read Good Calories, Bad Calories and started immediately, then searched for a week or so until I found Mark's blog. I'm also 5'4" and started at 185 lbs.

    The book doesn't address recovery time; I expect that it varies from person to person. I don't have any good answers or suggestions with respect to barefoot/vibrams, but I'm tempted to suggest that you wait until you have less pain before walking barefoot. The primal diet certainly helps with inflammation (you might have to experiment with dairy and nightshades to see if removing them improves the plantar fasciitis. People are so very varied!).

    I've been high-dosing carbs all my life, and in my case the weight started coming off immediately, but other things have fixed themselves more slowly (energy levels, head aches, sleep, digestion -- it took a few months rather than weeks). Now, 10 months later, my hormones are still slightly out of whack. I got my period back within weeks of cutting out grains/sugar after several years without it, but the cycle is not yet consistent.
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      I wouldn't go off the orthotics cold turkey or anything, but you might walk barefoot a little each day or so, treating it as physical therapy. That is how I strengthened my bunioned feet. I still have bunions and must be careful with the left foot especially, but I now walk in very thin soled huarches with no problems. It did take a while, though. Be patient.
      Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.


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        Hi divafern.......I am 41, 5'4 and started eating primal last Tuesday. As of today I am down 11 pounds. I started at 211 so now am at 200. I know it was all water weight at this point but I am starting to feel a lot better. I too was also feeling 60ish instead of 40ish. I don't have anything to add about the orthotics since I don't have experience with them and I'm still new at this. I just wanted to say welcome and you are not alone.


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          Oh, plantar fasciitis my old foe.

          I would get bad episodes of p.f. due to my chronic cardio (30 miles a week). If you don't already wear a Strassburg sock, I say get ya one immediately. My (layman's) opinion is that the nightly stretching is more important that uber cushioning in shoes.

          That said, I had not even thought about my orthotics in my daily work boots. They're still there, 3 months into primal. I am barefoot more often around the house, and I walk my dog wearing Vibrams. I'm not currently having any p.f. problems but, then again, I'm not pounding the pavement logging miles and miles and "being healthy."
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            Welcome, divafern! You might find it easier to address the orthotics/PF issue once you've lost a little weight. I wear orthotics and haven't really thought about doing the VFF thing seriously until just recently, and even then, may or may not go down that route. The most important parts of PB are diet and movement, so you may wan to get comfortable with these first. Besides, I don't think there's anything in PB that says VFF's are an essential component to success.


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              Thanks to everyone

              Your notes have been great and very helpful. I'm glad to hear that I'm a. not alone and b. that the program appears to be working for all of you! I won't throw the orthos away just yet but I tell ya it's hard to be wrapped up in hot heavy shoes on these summer days!


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                Originally posted by groquette View Post
                I got my period back within weeks of cutting out grains/sugar after several years without it, but the cycle is not yet consistent.
                Wow, that's amazing!


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                  Read that ^^

                  I also suffer from a badly inflamed right foot...due to PF, achilles issues, etc. Cutting out the grains really helped but it's still bad.

                  I found that link yesterday and am starting those exercises today. I wear VFFs almost exclusively now and I'm actually a little 'better' than I was when wearing supportive shoes.

                  5'4" 200+ lbs.
                  Even if you fall flat on your face, at least you're moving forward!


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                    Just from a financial viewpoint, I wouldn't invest money in new footwear until some weight loss has occurred. Lots of people go down a shoe size when they lose weight. (Fat feet!)


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                      Finish your treatment before switching to VFF. It took me 8 months to fully recover from a fall. That's been 2 years ago. I wear the VFF now because I am interested in better foot health. I don't want PF ever again!


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                        I wonder how gentle,massage therapy would help...? take a tennis ball and roll it around under your arch as you're sitting down.... it might help?...