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Newbie from California here - greetings!!

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  • Newbie from California here - greetings!!

    Hi, all. This site is great, Mark is great and it appears that most of you here are feeling great! Those facts alone speak volumes to this girl!

    I'm 37 and an avid runner. I also do Pilates, light weights, squats, lunges, etc. regularly. I've been very health conscious since I was 21 or so and have eaten "low carb" for years. I always watched my fat intake with the exception of almonds and olive oil, though and have stayed away from anything white (with the exception of dairy), processed or "grainy" for the most part. I did do steel cut oats and occasional brown rice and have never avoided fruits, veggies and legumes. Haven't been a bread eater in ages.

    Trying to adhere to this lifestyle now and debating the issue of dairy. I do use lactose free milk, although I'm not sure if I'm truly lactose intolerant, I just got hooked on it after trying it to rule it out when I was having what we thought were gallbladder problems last year.

    I'll be reading to see what others have experienced with keeping dairy around vs. saying goodbye to it.

    Great to be here, thanks for all of the valuable information I see posted frequently!!
    Life is not a matter of having good cards, but of playing a poor hand well.

    - Robert Louis Stevenson