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    Hello, all!

    I'm brand new to MDA and the PB, but have been reading the book and studying the site as much as possible. I became aware of all this through a friend in my CrossFit class and am familiar with Paleo-like nutrition plans through what has now been about 6 months of 3-4days/week at CrossFit.

    Long story short, I'm sick of the yo-yo dieting and ready for a permanent lifestyle change. Several years ago, I was on Atkins for 3+ years and lost and maintained the loss of roughly 70 lbs. About half of that has crept back onto my midsection and I'm ready to say goodbye to it permanently. While Atkins was successful, I've always craved a healthier way to make this a more sustainable change.

    That's where you all come in. I'm kicking this thing off a week from today (I know it's better to start today, but the weekend will be my first true chance to empty the shelves of what needs to go and hit the grocery and farmer's market for the fuel I need) and I need some great ideas for what works best for you for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I figure if I can get a few responses for your favorites and, more importantly, you easiest ideas, I'll have a good plan in place to power through the first few weeks which I imagine will be the most challenging.

    Any advice on getting started with the food end would be great! I know there's lots of great recipes out there, but I'm looking for thos equick and easy items that got you through the start of your journey.

    Thanks in advance for any/all responses!


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    Make a meal plan as well as a grocery list. Be realistic with it. (I tend to buy more than I'll actually eat/cook in a week.) I do a (very) adjusted version of the Paleo Plan meals ( Planning has helped me more than anything else -- there's always food I can eat, and want to eat, in the house now, instead of me walking to the kitchen being hungry and not having a clue what I can eat, if anything. (and then going out to eat.)

    Easy things (for me): Nuts. Frozen berries. Big ass salad every lunch. Hard-boiled eggs. Bacon. Full fat Greek yogurt smoothies. Dinners are where I get fancy and actually cook something, but only a couple times a week -- the rest of the week I eat leftovers.

    Good luck! I'm fairly new at this as well.
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      congrats on making the change. i'll fill you in on what i eat, hopefully that will help you out a little bit.

      breakfast: 4 eggs scrambled, 1 green pepper, maybe a little cheese, and a scoop of salsa
      lunch: if i eat lunch at all, it's usually a small piece of grilled chicken and maybe a little spinach with some olive oil.
      dinner: i make a big salad...fresh spinach, broccoli, peppers, chicken, steak, bacon, vinaigrette. sometimes i'll chop up an avocado or a little cheese to add a new texture/flavor.
      that usually keeps me pretty filled up, but if i'm exercising a lot, i might also add in a little tuna salad. i make it with tuna, a soft avocado, salt, pepper, and onion and garlic powders. divine.


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        @ cwork78 - Welcome to your new life! The support here is great and there are many knowlegeable PB'ers who can answer the tough questions that will inevitably come up.

        To answer your posts question - here's what I currently eat:
        Breakfast - omlet, scrambled eggs, leftover grilled meats - coffee with cream
        Lunch - BA Primal salad - greens, some sort of meat, cheese, olives, tomato, sesame seeds, evoo and a touch of balsamic vinegar
        Dinner is usually grilled meat or fish with simple herbs and spices and steamed veggies
        Occasional treat: 70% cocoa dark chocolate

        I have recently ordered the PB Cookbook to get more ideas for PB approved meals - it can't come soon enough!
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