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    just wanted to say hey! :-) I am a certified, personal trainer and have been training my clients this way for many years. I have always called my workouts the 'primordial' workouts so this site is fitting to what I do. ;-)

    I have always had my clients do high intensity intervals...and total body strength circuits....and fun body weight circuits as well. They love the variety AND the results!

    I absolutely LOVE the recipes here...and have been perusing them...should probably get the recipe book too..just ordered the basic book yesterday. Wish the recipes were in genres or categories but that's ok. :-)

    so just saying giving advice too... I pride myself on helping others and I'm a lean, 45 year old woman who LOVES eating this way...and have for a long time so I'm living proof!

    thanks for letting me say hello and look forward to touching base with whomever will. :-)

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    hello, we are new here as well. Good te hear all your success!


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      as P.S., I am a HUGE dog lover...I am the caretaker of the MOST gorgeous, obedient, incredible Border Collie ever...AND, naturally, he is fed as carnivores should be also. I feed him raw, organic meats and ogans and have since he was born. He is now lean, muscled and gorgeous it is amazing..never had a bath, a flea...never has body odour....just gleaming, vibrant health. those white teeth of his have a purpose and I am feeding him as nature intended. On the downside, you get an even more obedient, incredible aniimal when YOU control their food. I am the ultimate pack leader and when I set his entire dinner down on the kitchen floor...say, a whole rabbit or an entire chicken, he looks at me in awe... 'wow...she is ONE heck of a hunter' ;-)


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        thanks for the reply...nice to be welcomed! :-)


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          good for you with your b collie, we also have a border collie! amazing animals!! we have a king charles cavalier as well. I (brooke) am a certified dog trainer as well so i too love dogs!.. good to hear you take such good care of your baby!


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            you do? They are amazing aren't they? A King Charles is a gorgeous animal boy, I swear, is intuitive and reads my flippin' mind...
            He only eats three to four times a week..gorges...then self fasts for a day or two..much like a wild dog or Wolf.. I offer him food daily but because he is satisfied he just doesn't care to eat daily.

            Thankyou for your welcome! I am looking forward to assisting others and learning lots myself...


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              just a question about what you feed your dogs. do you feed them anything else besides whole animals.... veggies?? and where do you get your food from??? we have our dogs on a grain free diet but when we looked into the raw diet it was so expensive that we just couldnt swing it. any suggestions??? thanks


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                it can be pricey, especially at first, but when you get sources and do reseach, it can be the same price as premium dry vet bills... that saves lots as they get older... ;-)

                No vegetables..carnivores are carnivores...although some people feel better if they feed it because they humanize their dogs, we must remember they're al wolves...DNA near identical. So, feed sort of like that.

                For example, I sort of bits and piece his meals on a regular basis. His appetite varies also. For example, last night he ate a half a chicken and two lamb hearts. A few days before that he had some liver and a huge slab of pork ribs...I vary between chicken, lamb and pork but one can get creative if they have the sources. You would have the healthiest, most gorgeous dog or dogs you could imagine...just like us, food is medicine. a good resource to research is ... the myths & truths link is can see us under other raw feeders photo on Ricco..that's us.. :-) The links link will tell you all you could ever need to know.....


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                  thats awsome.. thanx