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  • Hello from Jersey

    Hi my name is Andrew been eating primal for a few months (maybe 6 months? idk) now great results and all nothing that you guys havent heard of before. Started out with Loren Cordain'd Paleo Diet for Athletes and i ate it up as i did constant research to make sure such a thing was really this good and eventually led me too Mark's book. Well a few months later im totally convinced and even got my GF into PB. Ive tried to find evidence that the PB isn't as good as it sounds but cannot find any, and now i got the healthy body to prove it. I'm now a lifelong PB'er.

    Little bit of my health history: been weightlifting all my life on/off. Sometimes took year long breaks (laziness). Always been a researcher and well versed in what i do. I dont know why it took me 23 years to find PB. Started weight lifting to improve overall strength at 220lbs+ and to improve time for a fire fighters test. Immediately lost 8lbs on CW diet. Then i plateaued. About a month later i found the caveman diet and eventually PB. Been losing about 2 lbs a week since then. I am now at 184 lbs and never been stronger, fitter, healthier, and happy. And i love to tell people i lost all this weight without cardio and im gaining strength, lol it baffles their minds.

    Any chance there is going to be a primal con on the east coast? lol me and GF felt bad we couldn't go cause we lack funds cause of college and all. Or any other East coast events, i feel left out here in Jersey, seems like the place to be primal is California. Oh well.