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    Hi everybody I used to post on a vegetarian site but I probably should stay away from there being as how I'm going primal on friday.I've had protein problems and I get sick of taking lots of supplements for it.It's true I could eat beans or quinoa or something but really how much of that does one person eat?I mean quinoa is a complete protein but I'd need to eat like several boxes of it a day to get enough.Being open minded is what drew me to veganism and is also what made me leave.(I could get into all the moral arguments for or against it but my post would be too long and no one would want to read it all then).

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    Great. We now have your soul.
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      gratz on seeing the light. Don't worry re the arguments, think we've heard or had most of them here. We get where you're coming from.

      Welcome to life in the real world - enjoy!


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        Hi and I wish you the best. I'm an ex-vegetarian, I hope you see the same benefits that I have. If you are interested and search around a bit you'll find several posts regarding veg*n -> paleo.


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          Here - take the red pill, and welcome to the real world with real food.
          Sometimes you need to be told the truth in order to be able to see it.

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            Whenever we're eating, we're killing animals ... even if we eat vegetables, some animals may starve because we ate something that they could have eaten, or some animals were killed when our food was harvested - or entire ecosystems were destroyed to make room for more agriculture.

            If you're having trouble with vegan friends ... give them Lierre Keith's book! :-)
            MikeEnRegalia's Blog - Nutrition, Dieting, Exercise and other stuff ;-)


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              Every day is another stitch in the quilt of life.
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