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    I'm 53 and have eaten healthy (or what I believed to be) for the last 30 years. I have always been in control of my weight and worked out for all those years and still do. I haven't slowed down (ok...recovery has). Over the years I have continued to modify my eating habits as I learned more and eventually cut back as much as I could on processed foods. Then I found that even what I thought wasn't processed was, and cut them out also. I eat a lot of veggies and fruit some whole or sprouted grains (more sprouted than whole) and at the moment I'm 170 lbs at 5'10. It's a difficult 170 because I choose not to be lower but my body always wants to get lower. After I train I am in the 160's and it takes me days to get back. I was a fighter and so like to be heavier (185) when fighting. That took a lot of food! My cholesterol, sugar and all else is good. I've been feeling great also.

    Anyway, more research into food and eating etc lead me here and I've been studying the last week. The blog is great because Mark includes many links to other posts....very helpful. My purpose is to get some more information and then move to whatever "my" next step is. In reading, I think I already follow many of the ways of a primal plan. My workouts the last few years also. I've followed Ross training in the past....not to far off in many ways primal. I don't eat a whole lot of meat but that is because I won't eat that processed crap sold as real chickens and beef etc or the poisonous non Alaskan wild caught sea food. That leaves me to buy the farm stuff (eggs, raw milk and chicken) at the farm on my street and it's very expensive. So I eat chicken only and only about a pound or so per week due to cost. Occasionally salmon. I get roughly my bodyweight in protein per day and last calculation was a few grams above.

    In trying to get a handle on all this I found some points that seemed to be inconsistencies. I addressed them here.