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  • Hi folks

    Primal is new to me, although I am doing most of it already. Mark spoke at a walking/running group I belong to. It sounded interesting, and fit with other research I have read recently, so I read the Blueprint. I keep saying "Yes but . . . ." and then finding a good, reasonable explanation in the Daily Apple.

    I am 67, borderline diabetic, with some arthritis and mild congestive heart failure. I don't eat wheat or related grains because of allergy (not, I think gluten intolerance.) Sugar has been a problem. I would love to do one square of dark chocolate per day, as allowed. But it doesn't happen. More like 4-6 squares. Fruit is great, but neither it nor anything else takes the place of chocolate.

    After about 50 years of studying exercise and nutrition, working for 10 years in natural food stores, and trying various diets and exercise plans, I pretty much know my body. As they say, the best diet for a particular person is the healthiest one they will stick to.

    Giving up rice, corn, white potatoes and oats isn't going to happen. Trying to give them up is a set-up for failure. Even telling me that maybe I will give them up eventually will only make me run in the other direction (sprinting, of course.) So I will be having one or two servings per day, most days.

    Otherwise, my lifestyle seems very Primal. (Probably need to play more. Not great at playing with others.)

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    Originally posted by Harry View Post
    I am 67, borderline diabetic, with some arthritis and mild congestive heart failure.
    Just be sure you're getting enough vitamin D

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      Thanks cillakat! Yep. Gotta light tan. And taking calcium/magnesium with D.


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        Originally posted by Harry View Post
        Thanks cillakat! Yep. Gotta light tan. And taking calcium/magnesium with D.
        It's easy to be tan and vitamin D deficient.....we can get tan through windows even yet no UVB passes through windows. We can get tan in the am or late late afternoon but not get sufficient UVB for D production. We can get tan with cloud cover - and not get enough D. It really does require midday summer sun to the point just before a burn occurs - on most body skin (ie bathingsuit).

        During the rest of the year it requires significant supplementation.....approx 5,000 IU daily....or more or less depending on weight, gut health and genetic variation in vitamin d binding protein.

        my doc linked below might have some helpful information

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          Thanks Cillakat. I checked what I am getting. 1000 IU from supplements, plus usually 2 glasses of milk per day. Checked my sunscreen. It does block both UVA and UVB. But I only put it on when I will be outside for quite a while. I live in sunny California and walk outside for at least 20-30 minutes/day. Except in the winter I wear a cotton t-shirt and shorts. I was under the impression that they wouldn't block much UV. Once or twice a week I walk longer, usually an hour, sometimes more. Not sure what that adds up to. I'm not adverse to trying a higher supplement. However, I make a point of being skeptical about health claims. I worked in the natural foods industry for 10 years, so I have seen lots of theories come and go. It's a little hard to believe i'm not getting enough D.


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            It's possible that you are getting enough....absolutely. But your symptoms say you aren't.

            Thankfully, we don't have to wonder Just test. I have a list of reasonably priced testing options in my linked document below.

            The evidence for D and the ubiquity of d deficiency is rock solid - there's no shortage of information if you're interested in learning about it.

            pubmed links to most of the D/Diabetes research

            and the vitamin d/heart disease research

            We're not talking about a vitamin or nutrient claim here but something much more primal (in the truest sense of the word) and profound.

            Humans make thousands of units of vitamin D within minutes of whole body exposure to sunlight. From what we know of nature, it is unlikely such a system evolved by chance. ~ Dr. John Cannell, Executive Director, Vitamin D Council.

            If you think of it evolutionarily, it's the oldest hormone on this Earth. I don't think that this is going to be a flash in the pan. ~ Dr. Michael F. Holick, Vitamin D expert.

            We estimate that vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition in the world. ~ Dr. Michael F. Holick, Vitamin D expert

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              Ok, thanks! I'm trying taking 2000 IU and making sure to get unscreened sun daily. It occurred to me that I lost a tooth 3 or 4 months ago because it was being reabsorbed. Too far gone to save. My doc, who is an excellent conventional one, suggested taking more calcium. I agree that that isn't the answer.

              As for testing, you obviously believe passionately in doing so. Naturally, my doctor uses Quest. Whatever. I'll ask her to include it in my next blood work. I am not going to try to figure out the alternate ways of getting it. I'm retired, on a fixed income. Reasonable cost is relative.

              It's not like I am in poor health. The heart trouble is because an angina attack five years ago damaged my heart. I don't know of any way to fix that through diet, exercise, etc. There has been no additional weakening since the attack. The diabetes is really pre-diabetes when I watch my carbs, as I am doing.

              I do appreciate your interest and information even if I am a stubborn old coot. Thanks!