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  • I thought I was the only one

    Hello Everyone,

    Yesterday I came across a reference to the "Primal Blueprint" while trying to learn if anyone had had success losing some weight using the steps that I had recently put together. After failing miserably for the last 4 years trying to lose weight using the convention wisdom, I started putting together a few steps that actually showed positive results. Frankly I was shocked. I was feeling that I was doomed to be fat the rest of my life but I was just too stubborn to give up on myself. I have a technical / scientific background so I always felt I had just not developed the right process and hit on the right combination of factors that worked for me. I was slender and athletic most of my life. I gained the weight in a several month period of time while taking care of my father before he died. The weight took up residency and wouldn't leave.

    So I'm finally seeing some results! But everyone close to me thinks I'm off my rocker and keeps trying to get me to stop. Then I found Mark's book while googling about the safety of eating multiple eggs a day.....

    This is what has been working:

    No carbs except those in vegetables. I reduced bread, and pasta years ago but had not gone cold turkey. I didn't miss them. I made the decision and didn't look back. No fruits (I'll get back to this mistake). Lots of fresh organic vegetables, like celery, carrots and cucumber. Also lots of steamed broccoli and cauliflower. I love veggies. I then forced myself to eat lean protein at each meal. This was a big change and hard for me. I also changed from 2 big meals to 5 small meals a day. Due to laziness and their portability I started eating 8-10 hardboiled eggs a day for the protein. I originally pitched the yolks but they're just too yummy. There's nothing better than a lightly salted hardboiled egg. I also started snacking on nuts twice a day. I love and crave nuts but I thought they were fattening so I would not eat them except at a random Christmas party or wedding reception. Where I would inevitably park in front of the bowl and eat ALL of them. Once I found through trial and error that the nuts did not hurt me I also added back another healthy fat, avocados. I knew there were such things as healthy fats but still thought fats should be avoided if your goal is weight reduction. One of my new fav dinners is a bunch of organic lettuce and chopped fresh veggies with a pouch of tuna and balsamic vinegar and a little olive oil.

    So the recent changes that kicked this effort into the successful column for me seemed to be adding protein, including multiple eggs and not worrying about the yolks, removing ALL carbs and not worrying about keeping a certain amount in my diet, and adding healthy fats like nuts a couple times a day without concern for the portion sizes.

    I have not been exercising lately because constant exercise nearly ruined my feet. I had to see a podiatrist due to too much foot pounding during exercise and then old sports injuries in my ankles, knees and hips kept popping up. Super frustrating. I can finally walk again painfree so now it's a matter of deciding what exercise to incorporate. Maybe I'll try something fun for once.

    A couple days ago I noticed that my clothes were not so tight and I took a double take when walking past a mirror. So I got on that depressing scale and I had lost over 10 pounds. That never happens. So I think I'm on to something and I want to keep this up but like I said at the beginning everyone is trying to convince me to stop. After finding and reading the Primal Blueprint yesterday I'm excited and learned, for one, that I can add back the fruit. I was off fruit for one week and I thought I was going to keel over. I was dreaming about strawberries. But I was afraid to break the spell that was working. After reading PB I ran over to the closest grocery store and ate pre-cut cantelope while still in the car in the parking lot. I felt better immediately.

    So it appears I'm not crazy, I've stumbled onto something that has been working for all of you and that should work for the longterm and will not hurt me. If I had not found PB I may have allowed myself to be talked back into conventional wisdom and never got the weight off.

    I'm looking forward to keeping up this approach to food and incorporating a more sensible approach to exercise. Thanks for listening and Thank you Mark for putting your ideas down on paper.


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    I took a similar route to you, experimenting on myself and ditching 20 years of CW failure. I then came across PB which chimed with much of what I had already discovered in my researches. I think once people start to notice how well it is working for you they will change their tune. I didn't really talk about it much until I had lost a noticeable amount, so my family are right behind me because it works. My dad also watch Fathead the Movie, which converted him. Welcome to the site.
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      Welcome to the forums Susan. Keep it up! I too was questioned, criticized and even debated my first month, but now the results are so obvious, all the dissenters have gone silent.