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Arthritis at 20.Need help/suggestions

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  • Arthritis at 20.Need help/suggestions

    Hello this will be my first post on these forums.I ve spent a good deal of time reading the information on this site and am impressed by what i see. So i guess ill explain my current problems. I'm 20 years old atm and am suffering from joint pains, muscle twitches and spasms. My joints crack when i make movements and this includes every joint in my body whether it be my toes, fingers or shoulders. I got an x ray done last year which showed joint space narrowing and bone spurs in my upper back and though i haven't done x rays for my other joints i expect to see similar results in terms of narrowing.
    My question is what can i do to help with these joint pains? ive been to see doctors cant afford any specialists or MRI atm but i do see a herbal doctor who has me on a diet and is prescribing joint supplement like fish oil and other supplements. Ive been on the diet for maybe two months and am seeing some results as i can walk for longer periods without pain or joint cream but lately am feeling extremely stiff all over my body. Im now eating a variety of vegetables like spinach , kale celery daily but still eat rice and bread. I also do yoga daily that focuses on strengthening the body. Any suggestions?

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    I'll be the first to say I don't really know much about arthritis. However, my Mum suffers from some form of arthritis (don't know details, sorry) and had really horrible joint pains all the time. Cutting out gluten was a huge help and her joint pain is basically gone. It comes back if she eats gluten-y food though.


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      Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease. Some people have had success using autoimmune protocol. It involves a period of 60 days of eliminating many foods more restrictive than standard paleo and then reintroducing one food at a time to see which ones cause problems. From all reports, it's a pain in the ass to do, but it's an option for those who suffer major autoimmune diseases and want to try lifestyle changes before resorting to prescription drugs and surgery.

      These print-out guides are the most succinct summary of what you can and can't eat during the elimination phase. At the bottom of that page are more links to relevant websites.