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Boarfest 2010: Northeast Primal Gathering

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  • Boarfest 2010: Northeast Primal Gathering

    Boarfest Northeast Primal Gathering
    Friday August 6th - Sunday August 8th

    Many of you already know about this, and most people who are coming have at least said so. I figured I better get a thread going so we can discuss what's happening, when, how, etc.

    So the big event is obviously the boar roast. We'll be doing that Saturday night, which means getting up pre-dawn to start the roasting.

    Some of the other things we'll get to do include:
    Playing with primative weapons
    Playing with fire
    Primal games/exercise
    Picking crawfish

    This is an unorganized event, in that whatever you want to do, bring it! Bring frizbees, kettlebells, yard toys... anything, everything. If you want to wander through the woods, go for it. We'll probably spend some time hiking, or picking crawfish. Maybe a game of Chase, or whatever else comes to mind.

    For anyone wanting fresh produce, the Amish have a very large greenhouse across the creek. Sunday morning there is a nice little flea market a few miles down the road.

    We'll be providing:
    Boar feast Saturday night
    Amish eggs throughout the weekend
    Venison for Friday night's dinner

    I will also donate some of my home-crafts, like pickled eggs, and kombucha. Anything you want beyond that, you can bring with you or pick up at the greenhouse.

    Our butcher has informed us that he has unclaimed venison (as breakfast and Italian sausage.) He cannot, and we cannot legally sell venison in NY state. All the butcher asks is that you pay his processing fee ($1.50/lb) and you can have sausage to take home with you.

    Also available to take home:
    Amish eggs- $1.50/doz
    Raw goat milk- $4.50/gal

    What to bring? Well, you'll probably want a tent and your clothes. We'll provide portable bathrooms, but no showers. There IS a pond and a creek nearby. Please use biodegradable soaps. You also might want a lawn chair. I can't guarantee you won't be sitting in a mudpuddle- lol

    Bring anything you'd like to cook with. I will have some pans and utensils on hand, and we should have plenty of fire/grills. We'll also have a few spare tents for folks who don't have their own. (Thanks Greg!)

    Ok, so the cost:
    Kids welcome free.
    Please NO pets.

    This will go towards:
    1) The boar
    2) The eggs, meat and other eats provided
    3) Bathroom facilities
    4) Renting roasting and fire equipment

    Payment can be sent to me at:
    Deanna Eberlin
    PO Box 548
    Painted Post, NY 14870

    or to Paypal (

    Please RSVP (and postmark payment) by July 1st so we can order the boar. Remember, they have to trap it first, then process it. Please include your username here so I know who's who, pretty please.

    Also, this is strictly a drug-free event. Alcohol will be allowed, but I will not disrespect my family with drug use on their property. I'm sure we don't have to worry about it, but I wanted to be clear.

    This is a rain or shine event. Be prepared!

    Have I forgotten anything? E-mail me with any questions you may have.
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    Okay Diana, RSVP by July 11th, but what date is it actually on?


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      Ok, forgot to add that. August 6-8th

      RSVP by the July 1st, not 11th.


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        I may go. July 11th is my birthday, so I won't respond than. ;-)
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          This sounds like a ton of fun but it's sandwiched in between two other fun things I'm doing. Anyone interested in a carpool / rental share from NYC (Queens / Manhattan)?
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            I know we have a few folks coming up from that area. I believe Greg offered up a rideshare.


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              ill paypal you this week. I plan on leaving friday after work so ill get there friday afternoon.
              I definatly want some of that venison to take home!

              does meth count as a drug??

              kidding... :P


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                Dang, I'm going to be in Peru when this happens, I would have liked to attend, have fun everybody!
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                  Grrrrr. All the fun stuff happens while I'm gone. Hope you all have a great time!


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                    I live in quebec but I could go. It would be a long drive... Do you mind pming me the address so I can check it out on google maps.

                    It would be fun!


                    EDIT : nevermind, just found your address under payments. Damn, it's 7 hours away... Not sure I could make it.
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                      Yeah, it's quite a haul. Would love to have you here. It's gonna be an annual event (hopefully) so if not this year, there's next year.


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                        do you need any advanced notice for milk/eggs/venison?

                        P.S. paypal'd my payment today, its the one from 'Noah'

                        the extra $10 is for all your hard work putting this together.

                        dont spend it all in one place...

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                          A heads up would be good- just so I can make sure I have plenty on hand. Just let me know how much you'll be wanting and we'll have it ready and wating.

                          Aww, thanks for the tip. You really didn't need to do that! It is appreciated.


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                            Originally posted by Diana Renata View Post
                            A heads up would be good- just so I can make sure I have plenty on hand. Just let me know how much you'll be wanting and we'll have it ready and wating.
                            Ill want to take home about a dozen eggs, up to 5lbs of venison and i dont usually do dairy, but i gotta try some RAW goats milk, so a container of that to.
                            Also, if you sell any of your kombucha or pickled eggs.... me wanty!



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                              I'm thinking of maybe selling kombucha or eggs... will need to buy jars for them though. I'll let ya know what I come up with. Got ya marked down for the milk, eggs & venison though!