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  • Hello!

    I'm Ron. Stumbled upon this site and it looks like it's right up my alley.
    I've recently made some huge lifestyle changes (quit smoking, gym membership, major changes in diet).
    The only issue I see is that the site is mainly geared towards weight loss (most fitness sites are). I'm 5'9" 135ish and I'm trying to get up to around 150-165 and lean. Problem is it's tough to shop healthy for weight gain, and advice is few and far between on most fitness forums and magazines, as I've previously mentioned.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    I wouldn't say that the site is geared towards weight loss -- just that most people seem to need to lose weight. I've seen people who are here because they want to make lean gains, others who are just here to get control of various diseases/symptoms with no need for weight gain or loss.

    What I enjoy around here is that most people seem to be interested in getting healthy, and doing it without the stress. Oh, there will be exceptions (aren't there always), but for the most part this is a low-stress zone.

    I'm not qualified to give advice on the lean gains thing, but I'm sure someone will pipe up. If not, go to the fitness forum and post something with "lean gains" or similar in the title rather than "hello" :-) That should get their attention.

    Anyway, welcome, and good to have you around!
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        Hi Ron,

        I'd suggest going to the fitness forum and posting with a title that describes your question better. Most people around here tend to assume that "hello" in the meet and greet forum is just coffee corner chats.

        Best of luck to you!

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          <group grok> hi ron!</group grok>

          this site is absolutely not geared towards weight loss! its just that with the SAD, a huge number of us need to do so i know there's quite a number of people around here that are actually looking to bulk up. mark also has a section on MDA here that goes over such a thing:

          hope that helps, and hopefully the bulkers around here will chime in!

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            Batty you're the best, thanks for linking me!!