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Nerve flossing?

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  • Nerve flossing?

    I've recently come across the topic of 'nerve flossing', a type of exercises that elongates your nerves, and thus restores movement to your body. Nerves can become too short, just like a tense muscle, which is the culprit behind tingling fingers when you stretch your arms in odd angles and so forth. It seem interesting, but it's been tricky to find good material on the subject that doesn't seem a bit... fluffbunny?

    I'd love to see your advice on it, Mark.

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    I don't know about Mark's opinion, and I've never seem him reply to a thread, but an awful lot of bodybuilders and chiropractors swear by it.
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      Oh, this has a name! When I straighten my arms and pull my hands back, fingers pointed up (like an "eagle" pose, sort of) and slide my head back and forth (like an egyptian) I feel my nerves pulling in the palms of my hands! Nobody ever believes me...
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        Nothing like a good stretch in the morning
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          Nothing like a good stretch in the morning
          This is not like stretching. It's like something is grabbing your nerves and pulling them. Depending on how you move, it ranges from uncomfortable to weird to painful.

          Is there a treatment for this?
          Crohn's, doing SCD


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            Hi Reindeer,

            Neural mobilisation might be what you're looking for. Google search by neural moblisation exercises yields some good examples on how to perform some basic neural tissue stretching on your own. I do n. ulnaris (which gives you the tingling sensation in little and ring finger) stretching daily to prevent adverse effects of working with computer all day.


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              You NEVER want to "stretch" a nerve. The only thing that will do is irritate it. Flossing is a technique that your use to increase nerve mobility as it may be adhered down by scar tissue, fascial adhesions, tight muscles, etc.. When you "floss" you come right up to your nerve discomfort (numbness/tingling/pain) and come off of it right away. Never push through it. I'm sure there are better explanations (with pictures) on YouTube. Hope that helps. I have seen far too many patients who have stretched the heck of of their nerves only to have flared things up!

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